Fashion designer Donna Karan says, “Headscarf is the most practical accessory “. In terms of availability, we have seen headscarf very often on the agenda of fashion industry, both on painter Jan Vermeer’s painting “Girl With Pearl Earring ” and on Kate Moss’ head during the Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala. It is obvious that headscarf is of a different meaning for women covering their hair because of their religious significance…

Headscarves have become women’s savior and indispensable accessory throughout history.

Here is the most elegant way of wearing headscarf with its color and pattern:

Those who keen to look cooler may wear their colorful scarves as bandana uncovering their hair and those who want to look more formal and luscious may hang one end of it on their shoulders by wrapping it broadly around the hair knob.

Even if thin scarves are manufactured by scarf-mongers as kerchief, you can apply larger and different models. According to your choice of costume, you can complete your style with more elegant and sporty look.

One of the most stylish ways of wearing scarf is to wrap it around the wrist or elbow with a huge knot. You can wear a couple of thin bracelets along with scarf if you should put the scarf on your wrist. By this way, your scarf will look more attractive.

And now, belt problems disappear! The only thing required is to have long scarf and slip it through belt loops. Thus, you will enjoy more attractive and colorful look.

Bag accessory
You can wrap the scarf around your bag’s handles. Season’s trend color will add color to your bag.

Information regarding scarf…
– Every twenty-five seconds a Hermès scarf is sold somewhere in the world.
– In addition to Hermès, Gucci and Ferragamo make beautifully patterned scarves as well. This silk scarf passes from generation to generation.
-Scarf is like jewel and used for this propose.
-Scarf is indispensable for women of all ages with different fabrics other than silk.

The world’s most famous headscarves…
– The scarf which was used to hang Grace Kelly’s broken arm.
– The scarf figure around the neck of Queen Elizabeth on a stamp in 1950.
– The scarf which Audrey Hepburn wore on her hat in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’ movie.
– The scarf which Sarah Jessica Parker wears as bandana in famous TV series ‘Sex and the City’.