It is a game for two. For some, it is love; for some, it is dance; and a different kind of martial art for the rest… As emotions begin to float in the air, the rhythm of music envelopes you. Your steps accelerate. You enjoy being able to control your body the way you wish. Philosophy of capoeira, which originates from Brazil, is based on defense not on fight. Capoeira that gives the chance to control both your mind and body at the same time is actually a different type of meditation.

The road to freedom
How would you like to play chess as you let your body move to the beat? Today, most important part of capoeira that is practiced officially in 48 countries of the world is music. The foundations of capoeira were laid in the 17th century. The African slaves who had been brought from Angola to Bahia (Salvador) region of Brazil had begun to protect each other by using capoeira. For those slaves who laid the foundations of capoeira in Brazil it was the road to freedom and this has become a unique life philosophy in centuries. Later, it pervaded in Latin America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. Today, we see that, capoeira is a popular hobby, which is accepted worldwide. In Brazil, capoeira is taught in schools, clubs, almost everywhere, even in the army. Later, ‘capoeira regional’ style was developed. Actually, we must think of capoeira as an idea of life not as a sport. It doesn’t have anything to do with kung fu or karate. How comfortable you are with the moves you make carries great deal of importance; because, you can only move to the beat of capoeira when you assimilate music and philosophy. You cannot practice capoeira without the African originated instruments such as berimbau, atabaqui, pandeiro, agogo, and reco-reco. Berimbau, determining the form and speed of the game, is one of themost important symbols of capoeira.

You begin to discover your inner world
The elements of dance, rejection, dialog, and aesthetic commune with rhythm. The practitioners of capoeira are called ‘capoerista.’ The game begins inside the circle named ‘roda.’ The elements of roda begin to play capoeira music. The two players inside the circle begin the game with the fundamental moves called ‘ginga.’ They move following certain styles to certain rhythms. This game is called ‘jogo.’ These moves are practiced within certain traditional rules accompanied by certain rhythms. This includes the orchestra. It is based on the moves of offense and defense that are practiced during the game accompanied by music.

Styles are different
Both sides try to achieve physical supremacy over each other. Everyone has a different style. Although, the game includes offensive foot and leg moves, the other party doesn’t block them. The players concentrate on thetechniques to avoid the attacks in the most suitable way. In time, you begin to be called with different names in accordance with your characteristics. How does it affect your condition? This art begins to transform itself into a life style for the people who begin to practice it. Your sense of rhythm begins to develop and you begin to discover your inner world. Maximum effort is spent during the process of learning and applying. Your body gains high coordination skills and becomes flexible because playing the game requires making wide movements. 500 to 800 calories may be spent during one hour of game play.

The most important capoeira studios
1-Dans Buluşma İstanbul: The Italian master practitioner of capoeira Giuseppe Pasqualini’s student Berk Zaloğlu is among the assertive instructors in this field. Reservation is necessary to participate in a capoeira class.
2- Capoeira Youth and Sports Club Assembly: The assembly that has capoeira studios in İstanbul, Ankara, Samsun, Mersin, Kayseri, İzmir, Adana, Karaman, Sakarya, Sivas, Konya, and in Moskov organizes events and shows.
3-Capoeira İzmir: To enroll the lessons organized in the Grand Sports Hall of Aegean University, there is not a certain deadline. You can enroll anytime you wish.
4-Grupo de Capoeira da Angola İstanbul: The studio that offers many events and workshops has special groups for children. Studios for children are located in Elmadağ and Beşiktaş. Adult lessons are organized in Elmadağ.
5-Axe Capoeira Türkiye: As an establishment within the Ankara Capoeira Assembly, the studio offers special lessons for kids in Kızılay. They have branches located in Ankara Kızılay, Etimesgut, Hacettepe University, Yenidoğan as well as locations in İstanbul Beşiktaş and Avcılar, Bursa Osmangazi, and Şanlıurfa.