Let Your Passion for Art Free

Let Your Passion for Art Free

Wood Point Craft House in Zekeriyaköy is like an art school… Ayşe Süeda Erduran organizes different workshops here, not only with her smiling face and positive energy but also with her artistic competencies and experience, she embraces all her students with love.

Erduran takes each workshop participant on a pleasant journey to themselves to discover their dexterity and the artistic abilities that lie deep in their souls. The most important element that makes this art school different is that creativity is accompanied by cheerful laughter and a warm family atmosphere.

Transfer from the corporate life to the art world

Ayşe Süeda Erduran, who graduated from the Olgunlaşma Enstitüsü (advanced technical school for girls) Fashion Flower Department in Beyoğlu, made the transition to corporate life right after her education, but never gave up her passion for creativity. Erduran, who has always made a difference, has attended a very comprehensive computer course opened by Marmara University in order to advance her career with confidence. Erduran learned many details from programming language to accounting and business for a year and became the first graduate of this training program. In the following period, this program has been removed from the course form and structured as an undergraduate department. After completing this training program, Erduran participated in the ‘Executive Assistant Training Program’ organized by Apple machines together with Bilkom’s Management Development Center and took part in a team of 10 people. Immediately after the training, she started to work in the Management Development Center. After working for 9 years, she left corporate life in 1995 when she was 8.5 months pregnant. Ayşe Süeda Erduran, who stayed away from business life until her first daughter started kindergarten, says that her daughter was attending different painting workshops when she was in kindergarten. Working mainly with oil paints and crayons, Erduran participated in four group exhibitions and in May 2012 she opened her exhibition.

She appeals to a special audience that enjoys art

Erduran has a great interest in handicrafts. In addition to painting, she has received extensive training in various handicraft branches such as wood painting, embroidery, patchwork, chocolate making, cupcake, cake, ceramic, hot glass painting, sculpture painting, and paper relief. Ayşe Süeda Erduran, who opened her first workshop in Akatlar in 2012, opened the one in Zekeriyaköy in October 2019 in order to share these experiences with a special audience who enjoyed art. Erduran commented on this topic: “My biggest dream was to open a workshop and create different types of works with the skills of the participants. I think that people who deal with art and colors approach life with a very different perspective. I set out to convey all the values I know to different people. I am currently organizing many workshops, especially wood painting. There are tile classes on Mondays, wood painting on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and hot glass painting lessons on Thursdays. Another teacher is organizing the tile workshop. On Saturdays, I have the idea of organizing a different workshop for children. I’m working on a different timetable for children, with a strong emphasis on wood painting, where they can achieve immediate results. There may also be a workshop where children can participate with their parents. I plan to organize workshops such as patchwork bags, especially for the working class on Saturdays.”

Students are working with different techniques

Ayşe Süeda Erduran, who created a space where different crafts are taught every day and where the participants can spend quality and comfortable time, also makes custom designs. Erduran designs special gifts for a TV channel for famous names such as Zara, Ajda Pekkan, Seyyal Taner, Atilla Atasoy, Aşkın Nur Yengi, Nevra Serezli, Nebahat Çehre, reflecting their tastes and their favorite values, such as wood-painting. She is greatly enjoying her work. Erduran gave training to the workshop participants according to their wishes and said, “There are many techniques especially in wood painting. We work according to the technique that my students want to work with at wood painting. If 10 people come here a day, 10 can work with a different technique. My favorite technique is ‘transfer completion’. We spread glue on the picture and then paste this picture to the wood we want to shape. In other words, we transfer the ink on the paper onto the board. After waiting for 8-10 hours for the glue to dry, we wet the wood and peel it with a sponge until we reach the painting on it. The gaps in certain places are completed by acrylic painting. It is important to me that the students take part in an atmosphere where they will feel happy. Even though my students are mainly women between 25-65 years old, we also wish to see men among us in workshops such as tile and paper relief.”