We shouldn’t be surprised to know that Barcelona is such a popular city. The city that shares the Catalan spirit with its visitors in all of its vigor is always a center of attention with its museums, long beaches, art galleries, flavor filled farmer’s markets, squares, and pleasing shopping alternatives.

The timeless city of the architect Gaudi, Barcelona always offers lively, colorful, and new things to discover. The city has the ambience and the opportunities that can make everyone smile from gourmet lovers to art and history enthusiasts, architecture fans to seekers for fun.

Gaudi’s ‘La Sagrada Familia’ is at the top of our ‘must see’ list that consists of the places to see in a few days that will be spent in Barcelona. Although, ninety years have passed since his death, the construction of the church is still incomplete because Gaudi’s art was never understood and for this reason, locals call the place ‘The Unfinished Church.’ The award for the ones who wait patiently in the line to enter inside is to be welcomed by the mesmerizing architecture.

It is possible to see all the colors and forms of nature in all of Gaudi’s works that were inspired by nature. There are thousands of visitors whose reason to visit this city is just to see his works. The city offers many more alternatives, if you don’t have much time to spend in Barcelona, it would be useful to also add either Casa Batllo or Palau Guell by Gaudi to the list.

Bicycle is the basic means of transportation
Time goes fast once you exit the fairy tale and mingle with the crowds of the streets and squares where the heart of the city beats. Barcelona is a city of joy. The life in here might seem so busy; however, people reserve private times for themselves to experience the city and enjoy it. Working round the clock or meaningless rushes is not for Spaniard. You can see hundreds of bicycles parked around the city. The people of Barcelona who pedal to work or to the beach show the visitors what a big pleasure to live in this city. Anyone who likes to pedal and discover places on a bike can cycle in Barcelona.

Shopping is a pleasure in here
The most known and touristic street of the city, Las Ramblas is lively with the street artists and vendors all the time. Our first inevitable stop in here is ‘Mercado de La Boqueria.’ Inevitable because of the stalls that display colorful and delicious chocolates, variety of cheeses, tropical fruits, cold dishes prepared with olive oil, and deli products. It is a pleasure to shop and try the flavors in this open market that appeals to both your eyes and taste buds. The restaurants that surround the Placa Reial that takes place on Las Ramblas offer typical Spanish flavors. You might want to try one of the restaurants there, but don’t forget that the most delicious flavors are always found hidden in unexpected places.

After Placa Reial, you can let yourself caught by the mesmerizing beauty of Barri Gotic and spend a long afternoon there. If you would like to see the details on the facades of the buildings on Barri Gotic and on its alleys, you need to raise your head often. If you would like to catch your breath, restoring your energy in a bakery that you can taste the famous dessert ‘churro’ would be a wonderful idea. Order a cup of coffee to go with your churro, which is a fried-dough pastry served with melted chocolate.

It suits any purpose of travel
Barcelona is perfect in offering alternatives about anything for everyone. The visitors whose priority is arts smile once they enter into the great museums that display the works of great artists such as Picasso, and Joan Miro. Gourmet lovers whose motto is ‘I don’t call it a travel if it is over without having a delicious dinner’ become the happiest when they see the seafood restaurants, and tapas that can be snacked on any time of the day. Designer stores and attractive boutiques please the shopaholics.

Above everything, it is impossible to feel like a stranger in this city. Feeling alienated that might capture many people in many cities of the world is replaced with adapting to the city quickly, mingling with the crowds of the streets, and starting to enjoy it.

Barcelona is a colorful and attractive Catalan city that you’d enjoy each one of your visits no matter how many times you’ve been there before.

Try the tapas that are lined in display windows row by row in small portions. You can snack on them any time of the day.

Do not return before trying the famous dessert called ‘churro.’

Feast your eyes and your taste buds in Mercado de La Boqueira.

Take panoramic photos of the city from Park Guell that is situated on the hills of the city.

Capture the architectural details of the buildings on the streets of Bari Gotic.

Take the aerial tram to Montjuic.