Lines That Bear Traces Of Yesterday, Today, And Tomorrow

Lines That Bear Traces Of Yesterday, Today, And Tomorrow

Carrying out his painting and sculpting works at the workshop he opened in Yeldeğirmeni, Kadıköy, Kerem Ağralı has been selecting Kadıköy as a location for his art projects since 2004.

The biggest goal of Ağralı who is a graduate of Marmara University’s Fine Arts Faculty Department of Sculpting is to continue to surprise himself with his painting and sculpting works. Wanting to test what he can achieve within the aim of information that leaks through the passages of the universe, Kerem Ağralı defines this process as a great adventure.

Focused on his sculpting and design works

The painting has always been his main squeeze. His interest in drawing started during his childhood years. Although he was accepted by the Department of Sculpting, he pushed himself hard to improve his talent at drawing that has gained him a different stance. He started his university education in 1997 and graduated in 2004. Ağralı says that it took time for him to warm up to sculpting at first. He expressed that he began to take it seriously only in his final two years of studying. He says that his friends and he rented a workshop in Yeldeğirmeni in 2004 right after the graduation. This process was followed with the period when he assisted Hüseyin Suna, the sculptor, in İstinye. He had learned a lot from him in 1 year, and a different kind of synergy was created inside him for sculpting. Ağralı opened Senkron in 2006. He also focused on his design and figurative works, beginning to give them life on canvas in 2009. Ağralı emphasizes that there were various periods when he worked focusing on both oil painting and acrylic. Carrying out his design and sculpting works together, Kerem Ağralı opened his first solo exhibition entitled ‘Hidden Order’ at the Terakki Foundation’s Gallery of Art in 2010. He opened other exhibitions also in 2014 and 2016.

He developed a technique where he can use a canvas like a paper

Highlighting that every artist who would like to leave a significant mark in this world has to be in an ongoing process of research and development, Kerem Ağralı says, “You always have to go beyond your borders. It is a different type of hunger. Your self-improvement depends on how hungry you are. If you have a true talent and work hard, you can become keener on it. It is what I am doing. I am continuously trying to surprise and explore myself. I should be the one who is amazed by the things that I have done and the one to enjoy them first. It would make me glad to see that if anyone who is observing the process finds something to relate.” Ağralı who expressed that he worked for a while focusing only on oil painting explains his systematic: “I began to focus on how to reflect my design on the canvas comfortably because I value design. Since canvas has a rough texture working your way using a pencil is limited. I use 2-3 layers of coating to solve this problem. Then, I create a paper-like surface by sanding it. It allows me to work with the canvas like a paper. I started using block paints. My actual goal is to scan the canvas comfortably. My behavior in my artworks can change so fast. I can go back to the past time to time.”

Different reflections of collective consciousness

Enjoying sci-fi, horror, animated, and fantastic movies, Kerem Ağralı highlights that he is interested in quantum physics and the stories of the creation and the universe. Technological stories influence him. He is also interested in the Eastern philosophy. Purchasing the books by Jiddu Krishnamurti with pleasure, following the works by Constantin Brancusi who shows the pedestal as an extension of the sculpture and including it to the sculpture for the first time, finding the design visions of Isamu Noguchi and Francis Bacon impressive, Ağralı follows the works by Mustafa Horasan, Mehmet Güleryüz, Yuşa Yalçıntaş in Turkey. Ağralı who emphasizes that nothing comes out of nothing says, “I interpret the process of getting inspiration as reading the information that is coded in our genes through the collective consciousness. If I am doing things, it is because of the information that comes from my DNA through my past experiences and the collective consciousness of millions of people. The filtered and interpreted state of the information reflects on me this way. I want to be the first one who enjoys what I do. It is my opinion. In short, I don’t think that the inspirational stories come out of nothing. I think that every work of mine bears traces of the past or the future. In my opinion, now a story is what it truly reflects on you and the humanity rather than just painting something.”

He gives painting and sculpting lessons

Preferring to take place in well-selected group exhibitions, Kerem Ağralı took part in the ‘Solstice’ exhibition, focusing on paper works and continuing until July 21 at the Ddesign Art Gallery in Maslak, with Sema Maşkılı, Ahmet Sarı, and Barış Sarıbaş. Realizing different sculpture designs in accordance with the demands of the public and private organizations and offering design and sculpting lessons at Atölye Senkron, Ağralı continues to create unique designs. Stating that the sculpting lessons are held once a week and last about 6 hours, Ağralı says, “Sculpting has hard aspects compared to painting. What we are talking about is a 3D structure. I deal with everything from A to Z starting with the story and design of the student, in other words, from piling up the mud to molding. A 1-1.5 year of training is a must to come to a good level in this field.”