Lonely Traveler’s Guide to The Earth

Lonely Traveler’s Guide to The Earth

Sometimes, it is hard to struggle with loneliness. However, the equation works backwards on a trip. One can count many reasons to travel alone.

First of all, you don’t have to comply with the plans of others. You only reserve time for the activities you like and the places you want to see. Opening up to the world alone and getting socialized make you gain experiences on a deeper level. The art of traveling alone matures by choosing the correct destination to go to. Here is the proof of the earth embracing lonely travelers more than you know: a small guide…




You said music and dance! Here is a country where loneliness will never make you feel gloomy; Cuba. It is a seductive country with its colorful streets, culture, human diversity, and interesting heroic stories, where the sun, music, and passion are spreading happiness despite the limited freedoms and poverty. You can take a ride around in a 1960s colorful American car, and in the evenings you can mingle with the crowds drunken with music and dance in every square. The pre-revolutionary mansions where many families live together are the city’s striking decor. Cuba is a country with a low crime rate, welcoming people, regardless of their economic situation. Under normal circumstances, it is not necessary to book your place at big hotels. Because, especially for those who travel alone, the most enjoyable accommodation will be with the people who rent their homes as a pension. Eating at their tables is also a plus experience. You can also enjoy more socialization in small restaurants, cafes, artisan shops, and night clubs. Cuba is the vivid and bloody proof of how life can go on despite all its difficulties. It makes you also witness the political change a country has undergone.


If we don’t talk about Spain after Cuba, it will be unfair to the legacy of music and dance. The zest of Spain is in the merry al-Andalus. This is the most passionate region of Spain. Flamenco, fado, bullfighting, extraordinary palaces, churches, mosques, narrow streets, authentic neighborhoods, fine dining and even more… An autonomous region in the south of Spain, where many cultures are combined, creating a wonderful synthesis, Andalusia is a wonderful destination to travel with its colors, architecture, music, and cuisine. The Renaissance and Baroque heritage and architecture are unique in Southern Spain. The region’s most festive, passionate and romantic festival, Semana Santa (Holy Week), is celebrated in the largest city and the capital of Andalusia, Seville. This is the home of the two symbols of the Andalusian tradition, the flamenco and the bullfighting. The cities of the region are neat and it is not hard to reach from one place to another by bus and metro. The region is on the move during the day and entertaining at night. After reminding that the Spaniards have dinner at 11 pm, maybe we should leave the rest to your imagination. The best tapas bars in the area are here. If you can take the time, participating in flamenco classes or going to a football game will make you a big, passionate team member. All the worries of a solo trip will disappear.




There are cities to walk around. As you walk, a variety of treasures unfold in front of you. Paris, the capital of France, the City of Lights is such a city. The best way to feel Paris, which becomes prettier as you walk, is to stroll around its streets. Don’t feel alone when you’re looking at crowds chatting in cafes because everyone is a bit lonely in this city. The dynamism of the city, its activities, the crowds in the subways all create a sense of inability to catch; therefore, tourists are the luckiest in this respect. You can create a route for yourself or take a stroll through the city’s history with the World War I or the French Revolution walking tours. There are some passes organized to ease a Paris visit, including Museum Pass. This city has the most beautiful museums in the world; the most famous ones are the Louvre Museum, the Center Pompidou, the Musée d’Orsay, the Rodin Museum or the Picasso Museum, which has the world’s richest Picasso collection. Each of the neighborhoods of the city is aesthetic; literary cafes are the places that revive history with their celebrity frequenters. If you are not afraid to go to a cemetery alone, visit the city’s most famous cemetery Pere Lachaise. Among the celebrities of the cemetery are composer Chopin, authors Molière, Apollinaire, Balzac, Proust, Wilde, Gertrude Stein, and Colette, painters Delacroix, Pissarro, Seurat and Modigliani, singer Édith Piaf and a god of Rock Jim Morrison. Wherever you visit, consider yourself as a Parisian. Purchase a baguette, some cheese, and enjoy being in this city on the banks of the River Seine.


Berlin is a dazzling city with its past and present. With its architecture, squares, interesting neighborhoods, museums, art galleries, parks, nightlife, gastro tours and walking routes, it has been melted in a pot with a surprising synthesis of both the old regime and the 21st century. In the city, which has one of the best transportation systems in the world, you can travel around without losing any time, mingle with people from all different areas of life at the metro, on the streets and art galleries. You can come across CDs where you will never find anywhere else but the shopping centers that only sell books and CDs here in Berlin. You can taste a great variety of sausages. The population of the largest city in Germany is young and hardworking. More than half of this educated, cultured and conscious population is under 35 years of age. Due to the losses caused by the war, a rate of 14% is over 65 years old. As the energy of the city reflects, the majority has a completely different life mentalities in the street and at work. Although Berliners look like bored people who are buried in their laptops on the metro or train, they cannot get enough of chatting in a pub or a cafe. People talk about from sausages to politics, philosophy to football. They can also contemplate art as well as world issues. The wall no longer divides the city into two, but Berliners and tourists still define the districts as East and West Berlin. There are so many nice activities to be done while walking alone. The architecture in Potsdamer Platz is mind-boggling. See the Altar of Zeus in the Pergamon Museum; have a picnic on nice weather in the Tiergarten Park with the Berliners; take a boat trip at the city’s rivers, canals, and lakes. See the Renaissance period paintings at the Gemaldegalerie. Listen to the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra; take a long walk in history at the Unter den Linden. See the symbols of the Cold War, the longest and best-preserved remains of the Berlin Wall, 1.2 km East Side Gallery (East Gallery) and Checkpoint Charlie. Take a day for the World War II tour. See the Jewish Museum, join the Gusto Tour, try different tastes in five different places in one night.



Dubrovnik is like a shining pearl in the Adriatic. In spite of all the beauties of this most touristic city of Croatia, the splendor of the city walls is a favor. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world surrounded by walls. This charming port on the shore of the Adriatic Sea forces human imagination with its houses with orange tiled roofs, marble streets, baroque buildings, narrow streets with stairs, giant stone ramps, castle towers, copper domes, and elegant bells. Walking along the city walls is a-must for this journey. In the labyrinth of history, watch the silhouettes of towers, the crimson lights illuminating the stones, shadow plays… The museums are filled with art; explore small, typical shops, restaurants in the narrow streets; climb to Mount Srđ with a cable car to embrace the whole view and finally dive into the blue. One of the good things about traveling alone is that you don’t have to think about the condition of your travel companion. The UNESCO heritage city has one of the best city walls in the world. Although it is not hard to climb to these walls, it requires some condition. These walls are also an opportunity for photography enthusiasts. Also, if you can hit the sunset at the end of the trip, the view of the Old Town (Stari Grad) will be unique to the Adriatic. The 15th century Gothic-renaissance style Rector’s Palace, the Cultural Heritage History Museum, the Summer Festival held in its courtyard, the photo gallery War Photo Limited, the boat trip to the islands, climbing to the Mount Srđ with the cable car to see the Adriatic from a height, the Game Of Thrones walk for the fans of the show should be in your list of things-to-do. For solo and budget-minded travelers, Red Dwarf Guesthouse, which is a family guesthouse with access to everywhere, should be in your mind.


Sri Lanka

Another adventure destination is magnificent Sri Lanka. With endless beaches, impressive ruins, hospitable people, elephants, entertaining trains, famous tea, delicious food and affordable prices, Sri Lanka is a truly irresistible, magical destination. There are so many -eight of them- Unesco World Heritage Sites in such a small territory such as Sri Lanka. Its culture is more than 2000 years old. Some of the legendary temples are located in the caves or at peaks. Peaceful national parks, safari tours, leopards, water buffaloes, birds, natural beauties are undeniably attractive. The distances are short. On the same day, you can see the oldest tree in the world planted by the human hand and hundreds of elephants that came together. You can do whatever you wish; lie on a beach or meditate in a 2000-year-old temple. Maybe you want to stroll in a village, maybe walk among the birds and flowers. For those who love hiking and train journeys, lush tea fields and rain forests offer great surroundings. The beaches are not to be underestimated; white and untouched. Sri Lanka is fascinating, affordable and far from the crowds despite all its beauty.