Do you have headaches every day after work? Do you have stiff neck at the end of each week? Does your weight keep increasing? Your office environment might be the cause of all these. The specialists explain the things to consider for a healthy office life.

Keep the air clean
Emphasizing the harmful effects of the insufficient ventilation on our health in office environments, Liv Hospital’s İstanbul Check-Up and Healthy Living Clinic Specialist Dr. Eren Eroğlu says, “Modern buildings and offices have become inseparable parts of our lives. On the other hand, these places that many people breathe the same circulating air might threat our health. We can examine the illnesses that are caused by adverse indoor conditions in three categories. The first one is the illnesses that are related to the building; for example, allergic alveoli, asthma, legionella, and lung cancer associated to exposure to radon. The second is the illnesses that are associated with adverse indoor air-conditioning such as high or low temperatures, excess humidity, insufficient air circulation, bed odor, and dry air.”

Sick-building syndrome
“The third one is the sick-building syndrome which is seen in people who spend long time indoors where heat insulation is at the forefront with insufficient ventilation. Nasal and post-nasal drainage, eye discharge and irritation, headache, dizziness, nausea, fatigue, and tiredness, distraction, skin irritation are among its symptoms. These symptoms begin to develop in a short time after entering building. They tend to disappear, when the environment is left.”

Don’t stay long time in sitting position at the office
Liv Hospital Ankara’s Orthopedics and Traumatology Specialist Surgeon Dr Uğur Gönç highlights that, the spinal pain related to office work causes problems that disrupt the practicality and the comfort of daily life. He also gives the following advice: “Don’t remain the same position for a long time; each factor that pushes your spine such as repetitive movements and lifting weight promotes the development of pain. Changing positions while working, standing up, and stretching our muscles might seem simple; however, they are very effective.”

Choose a chair with back support
“A chair with a back support is going to ease the load off your spine. Leaning your head on a pillow time to time would ease the load off your neck. Your eyes should be at the same level as the middle of the computer screen. This would prevent headache and neck pain. Placing your keyboard and mouse in front of you is going to prevent excess movements.”

Photocopy machines might cause eczema
Liv Hospital Ankara’s Dermatology Specialist Dr. Sevil Özdöl warns, “Photocopy machines and laser printers release ozone. This type of gas is accepted as harmless because of the low exposure risk, although it is dangerous. If you are experiencing a skin disease with unknown reasons such as eczema, you should keep this in mind. Room sprays might access your skin through air by contaminating it. Air contaminators should come to mind in non-healing eyelid eczemas. Lighting equipments or strong sunlight entering through windows might cause skin spots or adverse effects on your skin spot treatment.

Choose cheese sandwich over pastry
Liv Hospital’s Diet and Nutrition Specialist Serap Güzel explains the things that working people should consider for a sufficient, quality, and healthy nutrition: “Your breakfast should contain enough protein, fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. A breakfast that consists of bakery products is not enough. A cheese sandwich along with a fruit is also a balanced choice.”

Grilling is a good choice
“You should avoid fast-foods, deep fried, and bakery products at lunch. Choose menus that mostly contain grilled foods, vegetables, and salads. Consume fiber rich breads instead of white bread (barley, whole-wheat, whole-grain, etc.) using less amount of salt, drinking water, mineral water, or yogurt drink instead of soda are among the important habits that would ensure your good health in the long term.”

Stop eating junk food
“Choosing to eat healthy snacks instead of junk food during the day would be an important step that would affect your nutrition quality. Bringing fresh or dried fruits, small sandwiches, fresh walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts to your office is much healthier and satisfying than snacking on junk food that consist of oil, sugar, and flour such as wafers, crackers, or biscuits.”