The new album by the ENBE Orchestra that is led by Behzat Gerçeker has met with the music lovers. In the new album, six young names take place as well as Burcu Güneş, Funda Arar, Işın Karaca, Ziynet Sali, Betül Demir, and Erdal: İlyas Yalçıntaş, Büşra Periz, Rümeysa, Cem Belevi, Haydar Yılmaz, and Tuana Türkay. “All of them are stars to me,” says Behzat Gerçeker for these young musicians and they have already won the hearts of the music lovers with their songs that break the top listening records.

We talked to Behzat Gerçeker about the new album and the young talents that they have given chance.

How did you decide to become a musician?
I had met with piano when I was four or five. We had one at home. My aunt was a pianist, and she was an academician at the conservatoire. So, it was in our blood. I wanted to study music. In our society, people usually don’t want their children become a musician. They prefer majors such as medicine, and law. In our house, music was the favorite.

Important names of the Turkish popular music support you, how did you achieve that?
This actually makes me proud. When they support us, we want to show our support, too. We were together with Ajda Pekkan on the stage at her concert recently. Their thoughts are very important to us. When someone mentions Tarkan or Sezen Aksu, everything stops. They are the masters, and they support us so we do the same.

You make the way for the young musicians and this behavior is actually something that people are not used to see in your sector, why do you support them?
I was once in their shoes. I had been in many difficult situations before. When I came here from Ankara State Conservatoire, an advanced class was opened for me. I had to stay at the janitor’s room and I didn’t know anyone here. I know how they feel.

If we are to compare with the time that you’ve begun your career, what kind of developments have taken place in the music market since then?
I think the new generation is lucky. You can have your songs listened by Tarkan or Ajda in the digital platform. Everything is more practical. You don’t have to wait for a long time such as six months for an album from America to be released in Turkey. We weren’t able to reach an album that was popular in America. We had to wait for an acquaintance to go to America and bring it to us.  

What are the disadvantages for the today’s young musicians?
The sector had become faster consuming. Wrong structure of the sector has affected musicians. We used to pay the music channels to broadcast our video clips. Now this has changed.

How do you find these young talents? Do they find you?
I saw İlyas on ‘X Factor Star Light’ and after listening to him, I immediately called my producer Samsun Demir. He performed the song named ‘İncir’ that night. I have listened to Büşra Perez for the first time in a composition that was sent to me from Trabzon and I wanted to meet with her. My produced had me listened to Haydar for the first time. Cem Belevi had an album released in 2013. Sezen Aksu had listened to Rumeysa during a competition. The jury didn’t pick her at that competition but Sezen Aksu had called her and she had her meet me.

Does everyone in the team play an instrument?
İlyas is at a level to play guitar in a professional orchestra. Cem and Haydar play guitar. Büşra plays violin and Rümeysa plays piano. They all perform, compose, and lyrics writer. This is a plus for them.

Are you going to perform with this team in your upcoming concerts?
Yes, most recently we were on the stage for the traditional Darüşşafaka donation concert, which is actually a social responsibility project. In the future, they are going to have independent concerts and we are going to enjoy watching them.

Which one of the songs the audience would like to sing with you during the concerts?
İncir, Olmazsa Olmazımsın, Senden Kıymetli mi and Kalp Kalbe Karşı are the most popular ones. In addition, we shouldn’t forget the popular foreign songs that add spice to our concerts.

What does music mean to you?
Music unites people regardless of their race, and the language they speak. Music united this group, which its members come from different directions. Sometimes, we cannot even get together or chat with our next-door neighbor. When you share the music, you are together all the time. We experience a nice synergy and fellowship. We share our hard work with the music lovers.

What do you recommend to them as an educator?
Definitely practice… They are aware of this. If I am still working hard as an educator, they are supposed to do the same. We don’t have another chance in this sector. I usually give Ajda Pekkan as an example. She still works. She puts effort for new songs, compositions, and new concepts. If this is what the Super Star is doing, we should work harder.

Concert schedules
The ENBE Orchestra is going to give a concert at Cyprus and Kazakhstan in July. They are going to be at Harbiye Open-Air with a surprise world star in August.