Family life of Ayşe Kucuroğlu, who has five kids, evokes admiration as well as her high energy, diligence, life and dressing style. As her place that was opened in Bebek takes its place among the indispensables of the district, she continues to raise her five children. Enjoying preparing meals for her family before gathering each member around the table, Ayşe Kucuroğlu doesn’t give up on sports and fashion. Living her days to the fullest, Ayşe Kucuroğlu represents the woman who is modern and who knows what she wants from life with her diligence, and her devotion to her family. We talked to Ayşe Kucuroğlu, who enjoys participating in artistic activities with her kids, about her life with five children and her beauty secrets.

Can you please tell us a little bit about yourself?
I am a mother of five who is in love with her husband. I live and work in Bebek. I listen to my heart and chase good food and drinks. I like to read and prepare menus. I like to follow fashion and I love children. I am also a graduate of Chinese Language and Literature. I like to listen to heavy metal bands since my youth. I am trying to set a good example to many girls by working and pursuing the art of motherhood at the same time.

How old are your children?
Suna was born in 2004; Kemal in 2006; Osman in 2008; Cenk in 2011; Selma in 2012. Well, even telling the dates makes me feel tired (she laughs.)

How does being a mother of five feels; how do you spend your days?
It is a great feeling… We are very crowded. Our days are busy and hectic. Their homework, schools, and social developments take most of our time. During hard times, when I think of my children, I feel stronger and fearless. I think this is how I can explain my feelings.

Did you dream of having many children before getting married?
Never! I was not even involved with children. This is a feeling that came up as I loved my husband and experienced motherhood. May god be with the people who want to have children. Everyone should enjoy the wonderful feeling of being a parent. This feeling hosts fun, love, pain, and worry within itself.

What do your children have in common and what are their differences?
They have many things in common. First, they are very attached to each other. This is a good thing. Sharing the same room might have strengthened this sensation. They all love painting and cinema. They are open to arts and their imagination is strong, just like other children. When it comes to their differences, some of them like basketball and some feel more freely at individual sports.

What do you care about the most as you raise them?
I want them to keep the colors of their dreams vibrant. I want them always to be honest and to have a conscience; this is the most important one. If they learn to ask the right questions, they would advance faster in life. They might become solution-oriented adults who use time wisely.

Which activities do you enjoy doing the most with your children?
We enjoy doing our daily activities. Going to the movies and eating out make them happy. Participating in children’s parties takes their minds away from everything for a few hours. They like museum visits. We purchase museum cards every year. This way, we contribute to our museums and can go to any museum anytime we want.

What is the hardest part of being a mother?

Worries, endless worries… Their safety is the most important thing to me. I worry for my children as any other mother would. Their freedom and self-confidence are important issues for me. That is what I strive for. I try to protect them using an invisible shield, without having them feel my worries. Being relaxed and acting natural reassure them.

As an experienced mother, what do you suggest to expected mothers?
Spending the first two years of their children with them could be the best thing to do for them. Breast feeding, healthy nutrition would embellish their genetics. We should introduce the methods used by our mothers into our lives. Believe me, they are the most practical and correct methods. Today, this is how it is in the most developed cities of America and it was in our grandmothers’ homes.

What are your plans for your restaurant Happily Ever After?
We are working to make our brand a classic. Our target for the future is to grow.

You seem very fit, what do you do to be fit?
Thank you. I like doing sports. I take long walks. Alternative branches of fitness motivate me. I am back to pole fitness for one hour a week. I discovered go.max recently. It creates miracles in 20 minutes. Following each birth, Sculpture Akatlar created a great program for me. Drinking plenty of water and not smoking are important. I love eating and drinking; therefore, I have to keep moving and fashion motivates me!

How do you keep a balanced diet?
I crave for tasting many things because of my restaurant and my addiction for cookbooks and menus. However, I eat regular meals. For the first time in my life, I sought help from a dietician to have a young metabolism and to get tips on healthy eating. I liked it. Now, I know what to eat when I am having a hectic day.

Would you share a few of your beauty secrets?
Drinking plenty of water… Eating one apricot every day. What I drink the most is freshly grounded coffee and Turkish coffee. I remove my makeup and moisture my face before I go to bed.

Where do you prefer vacationing with your kids?
We stayed at Dalaman, Sarıgerme for the last four summers. Children feel free and comfortable there; they love it. We go to San Diego, too. San Diego Zoo, Seaworld, Legoland, surf camps, and short summer camps are the best there.

What do you do for fun and relaxing?
I love to meet with my pals and have dinner, chat a little… It almost recharges me. Having massages would relax me, allowing me to make decisions easier. This is a rare situation for a Gemini. Lighting candles in my favorite corner at home, drinking a cup of coffee from my favorite Anatoli coffee cup, eating chocolate, and reading a book make me relaxed.

When your husband joins you, what do you enjoy doing the most as a family?
Watching a movie, chatting around the dinner table while eating the delicious meals that I prepare for my family.

Everyone admires you, what would you suggest to mothers who are afraid of having a second child?
Don’t laugh at me please, but one child is much harder than two, or two children are much harder than more. What a child needs is a sibling. When they wake up in the morning, they would prefer playing together instead of coming to your bed.

Did you notice any differences on the way you were raising your first child then and now with the last one?
Well, it wouldn’t end if I begin to count… When I held Suna in my arms for the first time, I was so afraid. I gave birth to all my children in America. I was alone. This actually turned out to work better for me, because I developed my own method each time and became more practical. I was changing Suna after getting tips from a book called Baby Manual. There was none emergency rescue training left that I didn’t attend. I became simplified with each child, letting go being complicated. I focused on my baby by keeping less baby staff around the house and shopping the right way. When you are raising children, beauty comes from being simple.

 What are your future goals?
I am not an imaginative person. I always embrace the day ahead. Little things make my life beautiful since I don’t have big expectations. I think this keeps my energy high. I can embrace everything that is brought by health and life for my environment and me.