Married, Happy, Succesful: Blake Lively

Married, Happy, Succesful: Blake Lively

Becoming worldwide known with her role Serena van der Woodsen in the TV series called “Gossip Girl”, Blake Lively is among the favorite names of the Hollywood with a successful career and a happy family life as well.

It should not be a surprise to see her as an actor because the beautiful star is a member of a family that is from the world of acting. Her romantic relationship with her husband Ryan Reynolds began during the shooting of “Green Lantern” where they both had parts. Having been in acting since the age of 11, Blake Lively co-starred in “Accepted” with Jonah Hill and Justin Long in 2006. Her big break came with “Gossip Girl” that began in 2007 and she became popular around the world. We had an interview with Blake Lively about her career, marriage, and style.

How did you involve in “Gossip Girl”?

You know that the series is based on a book. They carried out a pole with the readers for Serena character before they began the shooting, and I was chosen by the readers to play Serena. It made me very happy.

“Gossip Girl” had a focus on fashion; what is your perspective on fashion?

I love fashion, and I think it is one of the most beautiful ways for self-expression. I am surrounded with women who know how to dress; however, when I look closer I can recognize who determines their styles. It is a very common situation in our profession to work with a style consultant. Every style consultant has a unique line. Being a part of the series centering around fashion contributed a lot, too. I don’t want you to think of me as an arrogant person but there is no designer that I cannot reach.

How do you choose a project?

I have never involved in anything just to make some people like me or to have them accept things in my career. I always picked what was best for me and what would make me happy and satisfied.

You are very popular in the social media, your fans follow you everywhere, what do you say about that?

I am not mad at them. If I were one of them, I would do the same thing. I am used to that. Wherever I go, the whole world learns in two or three minutes. It makes them happy to let everyone know that they are eating at the same restaurant that I eat. When my whereabouts become public in the social media, people start gathering both inside and outside of the location. When I leave the place, paparazzi chases me. I can feel that they don’t have bad intentions. Therefore, I do not complain.

You worked with Woody Allen in Cafe Society, were you auditioned for that?

Yes, we met and he handed me a 10-page text. He said, “No hurry, you are seeing it for the first time, take your time to begin whenever you are ready.” There was no camera in the room, only us. Next day they asked me if I wanted the part, and when I told them that I did they sent me the scenario.

The jokes between your husband and you in Instagram drew attention, what would you say about it?

My husband and I love having fun together and making jokes. It is nice to see that there are people who see those jokes and have fun, too.  

You deleted your photos in your Instagram account, later it was told that you did this to promote your upcoming film, could you tell us about it?

Yes, as we all know, the social media is very powerful. As a team, we decided to take such an action to draw attention to our new movie called “A Simple Favor.” We left only 28 women  named Emily Nelson in my account. We also got great attention from the press. The movie tells the story of the character that disappears.

You are happily married to Ryan Reynolds, what would you tell us about him?

I am married to someone who is very romantic. He knows me well as the person at home and in front of the camera.

How did you meet?

We met at the set of DC Comics’ “Green Lantern.” Ryan was animating a superhero in the movie. We warmed up to each other fast. When we were together during the filming, we kept laughing and having fun, we had a common understanding of each other. We were friends then, and it stayed that way for a long time. It took time to discover our feelings for each other. The media always matched us together and discovered the attraction between us even before we did.

How did you get married?

My husband’s family lives in Canada. After our relationship began, we went to visit them. Then, we got married with a small wedding where limited number of guests were invited. Our wedding was in Charleston, where one of the most romantic movies, the Notebook, was filmed.

What is your makeup style for your daily life?

The freedom to try anything I want is the best thing I love about the days when there is no filming. It is a festival ambience for me. So, I get to play with nail polish with glitters and metallic eye liners. I do experimental makeup. It is so much fun to cover myself with glitters.

Do you have beauty icons?

My mother comes first, of course, after her Jean Seberg, Katherine Hepburn, Diane Keaton.

Where would you like to live except America?

In Paris.

We know that you are big fan of painting, who are your favorite painters?

 Travis Louie and Sage Vaughn.

How do you stay fit?

Healthy eating is the most important thing. I almost never drink sodas. I usually prefer eating fish and beef.

How is motherhood going?

It is a great feeling. I didn’t know what to do with my first baby but now with the second one I feel much comfortable.

Do you like train travel?

I love traveling in general and train travels have always given me joy.