Our terminal and stations…

The silent witnesses of TCDD having 160 years history.

These works of art constructed with a unique architecture enlightened their period,  have turned into the places where the social and cultural life of the cities has been enlivened as well as the passengers have been welcomed and sent off.

The names of the terminal and stations have been given to the restaurants, cafes, streets and avenues.

Several meetings passed into history realized in these addresses.

They fell through the cracks being far from the eyes for a long time with the railways.

By the acceptance of the railways as a state policy again since 2003, our terminal and stations, which are the junction of all tracks, the construction of new lines and supply of modern vehicles, have been re-handled with a new understanding.

These buildings being our historical and cultural heritage have been reconstructed in accordance with its origin. They have regained their old vitality.

They have become the vital point of the social and cultural life again.

The distinguished works of Turkish cinema are shot in our stations.

Turkish music have resounded in acoustic places of our terminals.

While our historical and cultural life is reviving in the terminals on conventional lines, we are constructing modern HST stations which will give service on high speed railway lines.

Following the stations of Polatlı, Bozüyük and Bilecik, we have put Ankara HST Station into service on 29th October 2016, Saturday.

This building, which is firstly constructed with BOT model by TCDD and reflects today’s architectural style, took its place among the prestigious buildings of capital city, Ankara.

Ankara HST Station planned to be connected with Ankaray, Metro and Başkentray is waiting for you in order to give service as a station beyond your expectations with its parking garage and lots, stores, cafe-restaurants, business offices, multi-modal lounges and hotel.

Have a nice journey…