There is not a rule that every fashion will fit us well. As a matter of fact, sometimes as we try to keep up with the fashion, we become a victim of fashion. The important thing is to match one fashionable piece with the one we have at home and combine them to create our own style. If you say, “ I do all of this but I still often get criticized by people!”, you may be trapped in these mistakes…

7 mistakes that women make:
Lose the thread of low-cut décolleté: Décolleté fits well to all women and it shows you off more mysteriously. But if you exaggerate décolleté, all your mystery and style fades off and you gain a new appearance.
Lingering in the past: Vintage, in other words pieces that emphasize the past are fashionable. But tailoring it to today’s world is important. We can look into our mother’s and grandmother’s closets, but we should be careful about not being seen as someone from that era.
Jewelry: Our jewelry are complimentary accessories to our clothes. But we shouldn’t exaggerate it by going around like a jewelry store.
Being a victim of fashion: In order to have a stylish wardrobe, we don’t have to have trendy and expensive clothes, but clothes that are appropriate for your body and compatible with your life style. As long as it is compatible to your body and your philosophy, you can look great in a cheap dress.
Under Wear: An underwear that shows under your tight pants and black undershirt that shows under your shirts shows a very bad appearance, right? Then; it is useful to check yourself before you leave the house.
To get to know the body: We are not perfect, and we don’t have to be! While the condition is like this, it looks funny to only wear things that are not compatible with our body just because they are fashionable or trendy.
To dress up unsuitable to our age: One of the biggest mistakes that women make is to dress inappropriately to their age. According to fashion authorities, there is no need for young adults to dress up in two-piece suits before they are 20 years old, likewise after 50 years it is not appropriate to wear an ultra short skirt.

7 mistakes that men make:
Not getting to know your body: One of the biggest mistakes for men is wearing clothes that are not compatible for their bodies. Men who have a fit body should not choose loose clothes. At the same time men who are overweight would look funny in clothes that are tights for them.
White socks: The little things that most men see as small details are important. Like the white socks that you wear under your suit… White socks are a nightmare for women! If possible, wear the white socks with your sneakers.
Choosing a tie: Tie is an important detail that shows your clothing. The color and the length is important. If the length is short, it may show your body’s shape bad. The appropriate length for the tie is for it to be touching above your belt.
Incompatible leather accessories: Shoes, belt, watch strap, wallet, and leather bag should be same color and also same tones. You should put on a belt that is the same tone as your shoes. Do not say “Will we buy a different watch and wallet for all colors of shoes?”, rather you can decrease the variety of the colors.
Dressing in layers: It is not nice for a man to be dressed in layers. If you are really cold, you can wear a sweater under your jacket. This way you will not be cold and you will be more stylish.
Jean should not be above your belly: Jean pants being above your belly gives a bad tone to you. A little low cut waist and dark colors will prevent you from making fashion mistakes. Of course the jeans that we are talking about are ice blue colors, not the stoned jeans.
Shoes: Men’s shoes are the first detail that grabs attention. Because of this, you should pay attention to not wearing shoes that are unpolished and full of dirt. Shoes with old and worn out heels would also ruin your clothes. Under any condition be certain that your shoes are clean and polished.