The new trend in the world of gastronomy is producing the healthiest of everything in the most natural way. This point of view does not only include vegetable, fruit, meat, fish, or dairy products. Freshness is the first point to consider when consuming foods. At Mini Eatery, creating a new concept with their mini burgers by carrying freshness into fast food culture, burgers are made daily. They purchase meat and make burger patties daily. These patties are turned into a delicious feast when complete with burger rolls, prepared by a special recipe, and special sauces.

The menu items were determined during a special night of tasting
Mini Eatery, which has been serving since September 20, 2015 in Moda, among the popular districts of İstanbul, is a burger restaurant that was founded by two young names that were graduated from Gastronomy Department of Yeditepe University. Naz Tiryaki is the chef of the restaurant as well as being its founding partner. Emre Çeri works as both the manager and the founding partner. Moda lives 24/7. Tiryaki and Çeri opened the place called Mini Eatery by thinking that it was the best way to meet the needs of a neighborhood, which is lively all the time. The duo that describes the place as a ‘gourmet buffet’ adds a dynamic and delicious dimension to fast food culture by means of their experiences as well as their diplomas. After deciding on the types of foods to take place in the menu, they invited a team of over 70 popular chefs of the refreshments sector to the restaurant for a tasting. They handed out questionnaire forms and later they determined the menu items by analyzing these forms. Vegetarian Burger prepared with zucchini, red onion, cilantro, garbanzo beans, and potato; 70-gram Şamburger prepared with a pistachio sauce; Spicy Burger prepared with a special spicy sauce, Smoked Burger are assertive.

Hygiene and freshness are at the forefront
One of the big differences of Mini Eatery from the others is the size of their rolls. They are smaller than usual. Saying that they created a special concept combining 70-gram of meat and 50-gram of roll, Emre Çeri states that they sell monthly 4 thousand 5 hundred burgers in average. Let’s not forget to mention that chef Naz Tiryaki studied French cuisine at Le Cordon Bleu in London for nine months after graduating from the Department of Gastronomy at Yeditepe University. Emphasizing everything that is served in Mini Eatery is prepared fresh daily, Naz Tiryaki says side dishes such as onion rings, coleslaw, artichoke heart salad, croquetas, grilled goat cheese, and pickles are in demand. They make the preparations of the products that are going to be served between 9.30 am to 12pm at Mini Eatery. The place opens for customers at 12pm. A team of 5 works at Mini Eatery except Tiryaki and Çeri. The team members are young talents who have received education from establishments such as MSA, USLA.

Emphasizing hygiene as being the most valued point in the kitchen, Naz Tiryaki says, “We designed Mini Eatery as an open kitchen. That is why I take extra care to keep it always clean. Everyone who eats in here sees that the burgers are cooked in a clean environment. By means of this hygienic environment, we see an increase in the numbers of mothers who bring their children here. We purchase hamburger meat fresh daily. We don’t use frozen food or products kept in reserve.”

Fillet of Steak Burger
Ingredients: 40-gram veal fillet of steak, caramelized onions, one slice of burger cheese.
Directions: Marinate the steak by spreading olive oil on both sides. Add sea salt and black pepper to taste. Sear both sides on hot grill. After searing, cooking would take about 2-3 minutes. When you cut the meat, if it is purple inside, this means it is not done yet, but if it is pink, then it is done. Add the cheese on top of the meat and wait until it melts. Add the caramelized onions after placing the meat and cheese on a roll. Cut the burger roll into two pieces. Place them on the grill, meat sides down. Let the bread get grill marks for 10-15 seconds. Your burger is ready to serve.
Ingredients: 100 grams of sliced onions, 100 grams of thin sliced veal jambon, 150 grams of butter, 2 tbsp of olive oil, 300 ml of milk, and 100 grams of flour.
Directions: Melt butter and olive oil in a wok. Later, add the onions and sauté. When they become caramelized, add the jambon. Taste with salt and pepper. When jambon slices become pink, add flour, and keep sautéing. Then prepare a thick mixture by adding the milk slowly, as if you are preparing béchamel sauce. Keep this mixture in a separate dish. Cover it tightly with plastic wrap. Let it rest in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours. Later, prepare balls for about 20 grams. Dip the balls first in eggs then breadcrumbs. Deep-fry them. Bon appetit.