New Snowplows of The Highways Are in Service

New Snowplows of The Highways Are in Service

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Mehmet Cahit Turhan spoke at the ceremony held by General Directorate of Highways (KGM) for engaging snow fighting and road maintenance machines.

Expressing that the road construction with the approach of “let the wheels turn, so the vehicle runs” in Turkey’s transportation sector is left behind, Turhan says now roads that comply with international standards, that provide safety and driving comfort to the maximum extent are built.Turhan stated that the same situation is valid for road maintenance works and said, “We have invested 469 billion liras in highways in the last 17 years. We increased the length of divided roads over 4 times to 27 thousand 123 kilometers. We connected all cities by divided roads. We have raised the road length with BSK to 27 thousand 761 kilometers from 8 thousand 650 kilometers. We went above and beyond mountains, valleys, seas by tunnels and bridges.”

“66% of the newly purchased machines and equipment are domestic”

Turhan pointed out that it is important to keep roads usable, as well as building new roads and he said, “The geography and climate conditions of our country are known. Millions of vehicles are mobile all across our country every day. As we develop our highway infrastructure, we also provide the safe travel of vehicles 365 days, in winter and in snow.” Turhan explained that the days when the village roads were closed for months, the buses waiting for days on the side of the road, trucks’ lining up because of snow are now buried in history and he said: “In 2019, we had our highways gain a total of 391 machines and equipment, including 258 machines and 133 equipment, for 148 million TL. These include 97 snow-blades and salt spreaders, 10 rock trucks, 18 superstructure trucks, 9 loaders, 3 excavators, 9 tow trucks, which are vital in the fight against snow. It is very important that 66% of the machinery and equipment purchased are manufactured domestically.  The cost of these is 98 million liras. Including the latest purchases, our General Directorate has been providing services with 12 thousand 822 machines and equipment, 5 thousand of which are mobile machines.”

“Vehicles will be sent to the areas of need”

Turhan, who stressed the importance of the imported machinery and equipment, especially for cities where the heavy winter conditions are experienced, said that thanks to the vehicles in question, especially in the cities and regions where the winter conditions are heavy, the roads around the country will be kept open. Turhan wished that the new vehicles to be sent as reinforcements to the needed areas would be beneficial, and wished to the personnel who will work in harsh winter conditions more strength. After his speech, Turhan examined the machinery and equipment.