Often Made Decoration Mistakes

Often Made Decoration Mistakes

The criteria that we consider while decorating our house is to capture comfort and elegance together. Mistakes we make in our home decoration show that it is not always easy to capture this duo together. The choices we make are the reasons for our houses to seem uncomfortable, dark, eye-straining, smaller and emptier than they actually are.

Let’s see which decoration mistakes we’ve been making!


The first place winner is the use of bold colors, especially in living rooms, that strain our eyes. Instead of using red everywhere just because you love red, you can ease the strong effect of this color by combining it with black and white and even get a modern look. Dressing the interior completely with brown and its shades is also a mistake that should be avoided as well. In this way, you turn your home into a lifeless and spiritless environment. For the right color choice, you can base your selection on the combinations presented in the showrooms of the home decoration stores.


Due to the dependency on television, choosing and placing your furniture according to your television’s position is another prominent mistake. It is not right to make the television the main element of the house and to waste a perfect wall for a large TV unit. You can choose a small unit for the television, and reserve a part of the wall for a library and a comfortable reading chair.


The least importance is given to the lighting in our homes. The lighting needs to be selected correctly to illuminate our houses well and more importantly for eye comfort. Inadequate light in a large living room or excessive light in a small space are big mistakes. Lighting that is suitable for the size of the space and does not disturb the eye with its degree of brightness should be selected.


One of the decoration mistakes we make often is to choose too big or too small items for the space you have. When buying items, definitely avoid relying on your eyes, note the dimensions of the space and compare it with the size of the item you are planning to purchase. This eliminates the image of an overly crowded or an empty room.