Having Ordu pita, one of the most special flavors of Ordu, meet pita lovers,

Nelipide Gurme also attracts attention with local specialties such as sakarca kaygana, sautéed beans, beetroot, and breakfast specials. Nelipide Gurme, which serves within the Aktaşlar Lezzet Group, offers a different experience to flavor enthusiasts with specially prepared products from the Ordu region. Nelipide Gurme, which stands out with its many pita alternatives from vegetarian, spinach, and eggplant pita to chicken, beef, and cheese pita, is also appreciated with not only Turkish but also with the specialties of the world cuisine.

A concept with spirit was created
We met with Nelipide Gurme’s kitchen coordinator Kazım Kıran, responsible for the pita process, at Nelipide Gurme’s Bağdat Street restaurant. Nelipide Gurme, operating within the Aktaşlar Lezzet Group, operates in Istanbul with 3 branches namely, Bağdat Street, Ataşehir and Beylizdüzü. We had an extremely pleasant interview with Tamer Aktaş, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Aktaslar Lezzet Group, who was trying to introduce Ordu pitas not only to Turkey but also to the whole world.

The story of Nelipide, which brought together pita enthusiasts and Ordu pitas, started in 1981 in Ordu with a pita restaurant, established by the family elders. In 2001, the Aktaslar Lezzet Group Chairman Tamer Aktaş, who took charge of the business and has been carrying out the process to a much different dimension ever since, says that they are investing in institutionalization, branching, brand awareness, taste and the best service quality. Emphasizing that they are focused on creating a breathing lively concept with spirit, Tamer Aktaş knows all the delicacies of pita making since he has been in this business since childhood. Whenever necessary, Aktaş puts on his apron and enters the kitchen. He loves eating pitas as much as he loves making them. In the meantime, let us remind you that a new brand, Pideor, will be introduced to the fast food lovers in the middle of 2017.

Both the dough and the process of fermentation are different
One of the most important details of Nelipide Gurme’s pitas is the dough. A much thinner dough than bread dough is prepared. The remarkable difference of this dough is its crispiness. Ingredients to all the specialties prepared in Nelipide Gurme are fresh from Ordu. The kitchen team of Nelipide Gurme was also established with great care. Kazım Kıran, the kitchen coordinator in the field of pita, and İlker Akdoğan, the kitchen coordinator of the local tastes, are remarkable. Kazım Kıran, who has been working for Aktaşlar for 24 years, has served as kitchen coordinator of Nelipide Gurme since 2014. Claiming to be pretentious about making lahmajun and pita, Kıran says, “We offer 19 kinds of pitas in Nelipide Gurme. Seven of them are presented to our guests as our specialties. Ordu pita has a different preparation technique. We attach great importance to making the dough always thin and crispy. We use the best flour and we have our own unique fermentation technique. ‘Ground beef’, ‘mixed’ and ‘beef’ pitas are among our most preferred specialties. All these specials are cooked in stone oven over wood fire.”

All materials come from Ordu
Kazım Kıran, who underlines that all the materials used in the pita making belong to the Ordu region, emphasizes that they attach great importance to freshness and naturalness. Kıran also provides information about his kitchen secrets: “We have products such as cheese and butter made according to our own standards. We grow vegetables in our own greenhouses in Ordu. We also supply meat products from our own livestock. In short, we produce and use all our products in accordance with our own conditions. All the materials used for breakfast are special selections. Featured local delicacies are bread that our mothers used to make in the kitchen while they were young in the village, pastries, and roasted pickles.” Stating the importance given to hygiene, kitchen layout and discipline in the kitchen, Kazım Kıran said, “Kitchen and material checks and controls are being done at the beginning of the morning shift. The dough is checked. I work on new products and tastes during the day. Other branch audits are done from time to time. I spend most of my time in Bağdat Street restaurant.”

For the dough: 2.5 cups of water, 1 dessert spoon of sugar, 750 grams of flour, 1 dessert spoon of fresh yeast, 1 dessert spoon of salt.
For the filling: 2 green peppers, 300 grams of ground beef, 1 onion, salt and pepper to taste.
Directions: Place salt, sugar, and flour into a large bowl. Add the yeast and mix. Knead until it becomes dough. Rest for 45 minutes. Sauté the ground beef with a little bit of olive oil in a pan. Add finely sliced onion to the beef and keep sautéing. Add salt and pepper to taste. Divide the dough into pieces and shape each piece as a kayak in a length of 30-35 cm and a width of 10-15 cm. Place some of the filling in the middle of each kayak longitudinally. Fold the sides over the filling. Bake for 10-12 minutes in a preheated oven at 220 degrees. Serve after brushing the sides with butter.