We are in an era where wearable technology is becoming more prominent in our daily and business lives. The research conducted by PwC on the future of wearable technology also supports this thesis. According to this research that foretells that 75 million wearable devices will be used in working environments by 2020, more than 2 million employees will benefit from wearable devices by 2018. It appears that this situation will trigger an increase in the number of innovative initiatives that create awarness towards wearable technology.  

Aiming to making life easier
Wearable technologies will change the future’s workplace environments along with how employees work in it significantly. Dynamic initiatives towards this area are aimed to increase the productivity of work processes, decrease expenses and increase the skills of employees. For example, a worker who ise equipped with wearable technologies can keep his health and body under control in harsh conditions thanks to these devices. In companies where wearable technologies are used efficently workers will be able to establish closer connections to the headquarters and their co-workers. Therefore, we will be able to fulfill the most urgent situations and interventions that require attention as quickly as possible. Many companies have begun benefitting from wearable technologies already. One of the most successful initiatives that can be given as an example to the subject would be Hyundai’s wearable exoskeleton project named Exoskeletons. Wearable robots that will become a means of transportation especially for those who have lost their ability to walk will make walking and standing without assistance possible for them.

Interactive nails and wearable integrated circuits
One of the most interesting initiatives related to wearable technology would be the interactive nail that carries the signature of Lucie Davis who is a jewelry designer studying at an art college in England. Davis developed an interactive nail design to solve the card search problems of people using fare cards in transportation. With this initiative, he offers the opportunity to make a payment by simply moving their hands near the card reader without the need for an actual card. Biohacking and human body modifications have begun appearing more in our lives along with ‘the internet of things’. A team made up by the Wisconsin and Madison Universities have begun producing the world’s fastest, most flexible and wearable integrated circuit. Therefore, people will connect to each other even more and the speed of the world’s internet will increase even more. The real goal of the project directed by Zhenqiang Jack Ma is to increase the capacity of wearable products especially in the biomedical sector. This design benefits from the advantages of the new generation that uses wireless broadband technology called 5G.

Specially for those who like to move
We have begun seeing products where wearable tech is integrated into clothes. The ‘Smart Jacket’ project that its details were revealed during the Google I/O events is being maintained with the popular clothing brand Levi’s. The details of the smart jacket project, which was announced at Google I/O have been revealed. With their new approach named Project Jacquard, Google aims to create innovative solutions for wearable technologies. The smart fabric developed within this concept works sensitively to touch and pressure and can be used as a display unit at the same time. The smart jacket named Commuter, which will be the first product produced from the smart fabric, has the appearance of a normal Levi’s jacket. However, it will also be used in different areas since it is a conducting fabric. It was announced that this jacket will be released within 2017 and that it will be useful for those who are always on the move in their daily lives. Telephone, music player, and map applications can be managed via the jacket. The smart jacket, which will be able to make connections using Bluetooth technology, will be washable. It is expected to see the similar productions of the Commuter jacket very soon.