Istanbul dazzles with Bosphorus, which is unique in the world and mansions which stand like a pearl necklace in this line. Being a world-renowned city, Istanbul has a special place that will make many cities of the world jealous of its thousands of years of history, and shine out with its historical and natural beauty. Mansions are one of the most valuable elements which are fascinating, make a different Istanbul and add value to the city as well. The value of mansions is not measured by price per square meter in Bosphorus, in which there are 660 mansions and 336 of them are historical.

The Symbol of Status
To have a mansion is an important symbol of status in Türkiye. Because the meaning of mansion is a certain standard of life and it has a certain economic status.  The sale of these mansions is not so easy as it seems to be. Because selling a mansion is carried out in a great secrecy just as buying a mansion in Bosphorus. The sale of a mansion is never like a standard real estate.

The most valuable mansions are between the two bridges
The most valuable place of Bosphorus is between Bogazici and Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridges. This region always stands out because of being the most bright and active region of Bosphorus. The scenery of mansions here is continually beautiful both in daytime and at night. The price of mansions in Sarıyer, which lie through Black Sea side, is lower because that region is in dark at nights and so they haven’t got nocturne.

The oldest one is Amcazade Hüseyin Paşa’s mansion
The oldest mansion of Bosphorus is Amcazade Hüseyin Paşa’s mansion which Ali Ağaoğlu has rented. This mansion is the oldest historical artifact in Bosphorus.

Mansions never lose their value
Mansions never lose their value. A mansion is not sold below real value even in crisis. Because customers and prices of mansions are clear. The prices of mansions in crisis can be stabile but never lower.

It sounds expensive to Europeans
Turkish investors buy mansions much more. They know the value of Bosphorus better. Bosphorus and mansions sound quite costly to Europeans because it is possible to buy a chateau in Europe with such prices. Thus, they don’t want to invest so much money in mansions. For that reason, the Arabic people who are competing with buying properties in Istanbul latterly prefer living in places more introverted like housing estates and they don’t prefer buying mansion. But there are Arabs browsing mansions out of curiosity.

The prices are changeable
There are some mansions which are sold 2-3 times in Bosphorus. Whereas some mansions can change hands once in 60-70 years. The prices of mansions are very changeable in Bosphorus. There are mansions which are priced at 2 million dollar and 200 million euro, too. Especially historical mansions are very valuable.

Like a painting
Mansions are evaluated like a painting. Even the prices of two mansions which are side to side can be different. Because while the price of a mansion is identified, some factors are effective as in sea front, the size of garden and how it sees the scenery with wide or narrow angle.

An average of 35 mansions is up for sale in a year
35 mansions are sold in Asia and Europe side of Bosphorus including big and small mansions. The number of big mansions is not more than 10. Buying a mansion is a profitable business. The prices of the mansions have showed an increase above inflation, especially in the last 3-4 years. A mansion, which was sold for 5 million dollars in 7 years ago, can be sold for 15 million dollars today. Especially in the crisis many mansions are sold.

They are sold for division of property
There may be a number of reasons for selling of a mansion. But the owners of the mansion do not want to be known the selling of the mansion. Sometimes the reason of the selling can be something that goes wrong and needs money for new investments. In addition, some owners of mansions may demand to sell it when they are alive to avoid problems among children in division of property after they die.

The customers are clear
The customers of mansions, which are the most valuable real estates of Istanbul, are clear in every period. These customers learn the mansions for sale in a manner and go to the office which sells them. The people who tend to buy a mansion have already been associated with the owners of the mansions, and first of all they have learnt the selling.

Hearing of the selling causes the loss of prestige
The selling of a mansion is hidden. A mansion is not sold like a real estimate with an announcement. Secrecy is important because the selling of the mansion can mostly be perceived as a loss of prestige by the seller.