I don’t know if the journey needs philosophy, but philosophy needs a journey. The journey makes those who set off on it a philosopher. Imagine ancient Greece, and you will see the philosophers walk forums step by step, pausing, thinking, and then walking again and again.

So, philosophy is an action and started with movement. Then, it always continued in a flow and formation. But if it weren’t for the journey, let alone the philosophers, no one would move a finger! The journey is also a philosophy. It is a long, complex, infinite, open, continuous, busy and moving philosophy.

Setting off on a journey always means a beginning, freshness, innovation. Starting a journey is to come to the world in a sense. Once again. How do you think the world turns? When people start to walk their journey, the world begins to turn. Let’s walk, friends!

Words also get their share from the journey. No word stops as it stops in a book. If the water’s nature is flowing, the nature of the words is roaming. Love travels alone! There was such a book, a poem or a movie, but I couldn’t remember. In fact, loneliness becomes words. The length, the stature, the thickness, the density, the lightness, the specific gravity, the verbal value of each is, of course, different. So is the nature and taste of each. They are very similar to the people they define. Some are arrogant and some modest, bland, or hard like stone, while some are as soft as cotton candy. All of them are lonesome. But their solitude is a step towards walking, reading, loving together. They not only do travel but fly when they find someone close. Make them fly too.

“The sheikh does not fly, the disciple makes him fly” is what a beautiful, what a true phrase. You get carried away by the beauty of the sentence while talking about taste, order, music, weighing of words; keep being a disciple or being a sheikh away from me… We’re those who get carried away! By what? Of course, by the journey. More precisely, we are in the pursuit, on the path, on the journey of those who get carried away… We worry and long for them; we think of them. Moreover, we don’t say ‘we’ because of this, we don’t mean it. Because when we say, we will be stealing from our treasure of poverty. “They will give fear saying there are thieves.” So what? We do not have “silk loaded caravans”; our treasure is our poverty… When the journey is mentioned, one exaggerates it and suddenly becomes enlightened; what enlightenment! One gets into not so deep thoughts about the journey being another world or even another space. When our eyes stare into space, a guest comes as a superstition, and when our heart stands still, the time to set off on a journey comes. The philosopher is also that person, his heart stands still before his eyes start staring into space. Seeking new waters, new suns for his heart. Even new dreams. But he does not forget his old dreams; he goes over them. Moreover, he says ‘sleep is the best dream.’

Philosopher, multihuman. Multianimal. Multiplant. Multinature. Finding illumination not in multitude but in scarcity. Whose heart is charmed before his eyes are. Who studies the journeys. Journey worker. Who expands his journey. Who expands his life. Who seeks for another world in the world, another human in human. Who seeks for someone else within him. Who seeks for the journey in him and for him in the journey. Who examines. A guiding light. A light of the miner. Moonlight. Road light. Who spreads the happiness to hearts.

Words set off on a journey by poetry and dreams by philosophy. Poet and philosopher; told to be there before everyone else. No matter if they were there later than everyone. They are in the flow before the happening. There is no before or after of the flow. For it is the journey of eternity. If I were to say “Do not underestimate journey!” everyone would think that I was making an equivoke; no. Philosopher is the one who sets off on a journey. A guest of the journey. Full of journey.

“The world is a shade” and a philosopher is the one who looks at the journey like a sunflower.