The founders of Kulis Makyaj that is specialized in costume design, plastic makeup, and makeup effects in Turkey and has signed under projects as special as the jobs that are done in the global arena are three siblings. The projects that were completed by Şenol, Şenay, and Umay Korgül in Turkey reflect the last word in professionalism. Kulis Makyaj that took an active role in the motion pictures such as Ulak, Issız Adam, Prensesin Uykusu, Kâbuslar Evi, which were Directed by Çağan Irmak, and as well as in the productions such as Musallat, Pandora’nın Kutusu, Dinle Neyden, Gomeda, Polis, Muro, and Gulyabani serves also for theatre, television, and advertisement sectors.

They received the best training in this field
Coming to prominence for being the founders of a structure that was first established as Kulis Kostüm in 2001 and then transformed into Kulis Makyaj, Şenol, Şenay, and Umay Korgül have been serving actively in this sector for 18 years. They are well educated and specialized in their fields. Şenol Korgül received plastic makeup and supplies training in Orlando, America. He earned his Master’s degree in makeup at Stockton Riverside College in England. He now gives plastic makeup lessons at his workshop in Ataşehir within Kulis Makyaj.

Şenay Korgül has been a close observer of the stage life since 1993. When she realized that, she likes backstage more than being on the stage, she decided to advance in makeup and costume design. After completing her degree in teaching arts and public relations, Şenay Korgül received education in plastic makeup and cosmetics at Berlin Technical University in Germany in 2000. Şenay Korgül, who graduated from Yeditepe University Visual Communication and Design Department, does never give up on learning new things. She is now doing her Master’s degree in fashion design at Nişantaşı University.

Umay Korgül, who received theatrical education in 1993 and took part in many plays between 1996 and 2008, is a graduate of Handicrafts Fabric Pattern Design Department of Mimar Sinan University Fine Arts Faculty. Three talented siblings give cosmetic makeup, effect makeup, and plastic makeup lessons at Nişantaşı, Maltepe, and Gedik Universities within Kulis Makyaj.

They train qualified makeup specialists
Kulis Makyaj drew attention with their participations in Turkcell’s commercial film called Kara Murat and Garanti’s commercial film called Uzaylı Kız. Kulis Makyaj offers private training to people who would like to perform this job as a profession, as well as university students. The trio who focuses now on training works provides consultancy services on costume and makeup in cinema, theatre, and advertising sectors only when very special projects are in consideration.

Şenay and Umay Korgül stated that the makeup culture in Turkey has not been formed yet. They said, “Many people who come to us to learn ‘plastic makeup’ actually want to get effect makeup training. Forming the necessary consciousness in this field is essential. Many colleagues claim that they are doing plastic makeup; however, no one makes plastic makeup in our country. What they do is actually effect makeup. Creating effects of a burn, cut, or scar on face, or applications of baldhead, beard, and mustache, and changing the shape of eyebrows or nose come to prominence as effect makeup.”

Training for 3 months
Şenay Korgül explains the training programs offered in cosmetic, plastic, and effect makeup areas, “The training programs are for three months, consisting of 12 lessons, offered once a week. The biggest difference of our training sessions from the others is that we have a drawing program. We explain light and shadow through drawing. Our students first work on paper, and then apply what they learned to face. We train them the best way possible in light and shadow. We shape them to be able to create new characters in cinema sector.”

“Many people in our sector do this insensibly”
Umay Korgül stated that many colleagues who claim to be makeup professionals in cinema and TV series sectors risk the actors because of their incorrect works. She says, “Many people in our profession glue masks to actors’ faces with common glue, encase the molds of actors’ faces in plaster with carton-pierre, cover eyebrows with common polish. Although, plastic makeup can only be left for 4-6 hours on face, in our country this duration might go up to 18 hours because filming usually takes longer than expected. We don’t do costume and décor any longer, because they are not taken seriously in Turkey. Costumes and decors are expected to be ready in two weeks or in a month. One of the most important problems that we come across during filming is the disregarding of shooting arrangement. This affects the continuity. A female character has been held in a barn for a week; however, her hairdo and makeup are still perfect. Could it be possible? Makeup artists are supposed to observe the character and determine a profile to bring this character into life.”

Different demands
Not only are the people who put their hearts into this job among the fans of Kulis Makyaj. Many people knock on their doors from a young man who wants to make a romantic proposal to his girlfriend looking in his seventies, to a woman who wants to follow her husband in disguise and to moms who want to follow their sons in a man’s costume to learn with what kind of people they hang out. Let’s remind that Umay Korgül gives special tips to people who are interested in makeup on the YouTube channel called Byumymakeup through light and shadow applications.