Popular Makeup Trends

Popular Makeup Trends

We, women, love to appear perfect every moment of our lives with our selection of clothing, accessories and hairdos. We exert a certain kind of energy for makeup which completes our appearances.

What are the makeup trends of the season, and which of those trends will work fine for us?


Indulge in the comfort of unplucked and uncut eyebrows which is among the most recent trends. All you need to do for this trendy look of the season that you won’t even have to fill in with an eyebrow pencil is using a little bit of hair gel on your eyebrows and setting them by a brow comb. Presently the current trend is unplucked eyebrows.


After the farewell of the contour, the intense blush comes to the fore. Blush, which is shaped by refreshing colors and does not disturb the natural structure of the skin, is concentrated on the cheekbones. With this use, blush, which emits an avant-garde effect, brings the fresh colors of spring to your makeup.


This year the trend in the eye makeup is graphic lines and block eye shadows. Your natural-looking makeup is complemented by neon and pastel shadows around your eyes this year.


Matte lipstick trend, which has been going on for the last few years, has been replaced by glossy shades trend this year. Even red lipsticks will be shining. We will witness the return of the 80s’ and 90s’ makeup trends.


Forget about applying eyeliner perfectly fine! This season, deeper lines and geometric shapes are in fashion. Creating wonders using a soft eye pencil is in your power. All you need to do is connecting the line that you drew out to your eyelid.


The rising metallic shine popularity is gaining an unusual dimension this season. Adapted to everyday life, this metallic shine exhibits a more contradictory and experimental portrait with glitters and rhinestones.