Some bays that are named Aquarium don’t have clear waters; travel books suggest not to miss to see a place because the full moon is beautiful there but when you go there you cannot even notice the moon because of the light pollution. However, you can read a book at the Aquarium Bay, which is located in the southeast part of Bozcaada, under the moonlight. Untouched for thousands of years, the vegetation, which begins to dominate the place from 20-30 meters behind the bay and goes deeper through inland, consists of thyme, ilex, windflower, and so forth. The nature mesmerizes you here.

Friendly neighborhoods
After the ferry, through the center, there are two neighborhoods. The one on the right is called Alaybey Neighborhood, which is also known as the Turkish Town, and the one on the left is called Cumhuriyet Neighborhood, which is also known as the Greek Town. A church from 1869 is located at the Greek Town. The Turkish Town surrounds the two mosques that are from the 1600s. The Bozcaada Castle is among the best-preserved castles of Bozcaada. The Genovese, Venetians, Romans, and Greeks had used the castle, which was built out of face stones, for the defense of the island during history. A modest ethnography museum, which was built with the support from the locals, is located at the inner castle.

In season until November
It is possible to rent bicycle, motorcycle, or car in the island. Don’t leave without a map of the island. You can spend alone time at the untouched coves while listening to the sounds of the wind as you lay on the sands or collect seashells, walk or fish. The island is famous with its chilly waters. The water becomes warm in August and lasts warm until the end of November. Bozcaada is the best location to spend a few quiet days after the rush of summer.

Untouched, protected beaches
Northeaster Harbor has a quiet and protected beach. This long beach with no facilities is great to take nice walks. It’s not that stony and has dark sands. Compared to the south, it is quiet even on the windiest day. Again, in the east, Ataol Beach is located at the protected Tuzburnu Plajı. A bit further from it, under the Tuzburnu Guiding Light, there is a small beach with no facilities, no beach chairs, or umbrellas. If you have a car, you can drive by the guiding light and visit this place when the moon is full. It is possible to catch fish when you cast your line from the rocks. You can collect small escargots and cook them with vinegar, olive oil, and thyme after boiling.

Houses, ex-owners, friendship tables
Being located down the best street of the island, a Greek house, which is written 1876 on it, is probably the most popular house in the island. Nisyota, the first owner of the house, was a beautiful Greek woman who used to sing and play mandolin. Today, this place is called Rengigül Guesthouse and Özcan Hanım, who is well known for her sincerity, owns it. After working for thirty years with children with behavioral disorders in Germany, she had settled in the island. Her breakfast tables prepared at the garden and her dishes are delicious. She closes the guesthouse at the end of October. Other notable accommodation alternatives are Talaybağları Guesthouse and Amaranda Island house.

As clear as an aquarium
Aquarium, also known as Çanak (bowl) Harbor takes its name from having clear underwater visibility and fish diversity. It is very popular among the divers for this reason. The water is still, sandy at the bottom, and clear as an aquarium. Skin and scuba diving is possible in the depths of the water that reach to 15-20 meters through the ends of the bay. It is peaceful like a natural harbor even during the windiest days since the rocks surround the place. The vicinity is wonderful for trekking; small and unmarked pathways await the ones who think ‘the paths of life are not always drawn.’ It is nice for fishing. You can catch fish such as sea bream and sea bass. You are going to see a cave right outside the bay on the right where the Mediterranean seals live. It is possible to dive with snorkel or aqualungs in this cave, which is 7-8 meters deep. Falcon and endangered kestrel nests on the rocks of this cave, which was badly damaged due to a dynamite explosion that took place about 30-40 years, grab attention of the bird observers.

The island that northeaster fell in love with
The island where northeaster blows 250-300 days of the year consists of blue waters, fishing boats, small cafes, quiet coves, vineyards, vineyard houses, back alleys full of bougainvilleas, geraniums, and oleanders, whitewashed stone Greek houses, wooden Turkish houses with colorful bay windows.

The favorite of the photographers

Ayana, in the south, is a peaceful beach. It is a favorite among the kids, because it is possible to walk in the sea up to 50 meters away from the shore. Sometimes, starfish are washed up onto the shore. Beylik Beach is among the notable beaches. When you look from the watch point at the hill, you feel like you are flying to the sea. You might also feel yourself on a tropical island after seeing the dunes behind the beach. The sea is deep and the bottom is sandy. This place is actually the most photographed location of the island because of the ship that was carrying onions grounded here.

Weather vanes at sunset
At the western cape of the island, the giant ship called Alexa Vom Mecurius used to take place at the desolate Polente Guiding Light. This ship now exists only in the photographs. Turkey’s third largest wind power plant in here consists of seventeen wind turbines. The plant has the capacity to meet the needs of thirty thousand people. Each turbine saves oxygen equals to the oxygen produced by 82 thousand trees, compared to a coal-fired power plant. In other words, it is as if creating a forest that consists of 1 million 400 thousand trees.

The cove of hyperactive people
Although, Ayazma is popular with its beach umbrellas, lounge chairs, changing rooms, showers, restaurants, and pedalos, it is also the most crowded beach of the island. Visual pollution surrounds the beach. The beach takes its name after the Greek altar, located above the beach. Greeks used to celebrate Aya Paraskevi there. Being managed by a Greek couple, Monastery Cafe Restaurant is among the legendary locations of the island. The sandy beach is cold even in the hot months because of the spring waters. The hyperactive fans of water ski, surf, and banana boat should visit Ayazma Beach.

Nature rules
Habbele is another favored cove in the south, because of the facility located in here. Embowered Mitos restaurant always plays calming music and it is in harmony with nature. They serve delicious meals. Nature that surrounds the beach is striking. You can collect seashells or fish at the Çayır Vicinity, which is both sandy and pebbly, located in the south. However, it is open to the winds. Kite board European Championships have been organized in here.

‘Book of Bozcaada’ by Journalist-Author Haluk Şahin is a guide for the ones who would like to look at Bozcaada with love or who would like to love it.

Local history research center, Bozcaada Museum rewarded by UNESCO, is worth seeing.

Ada Cafe, which is famous with its poppy drink, and Bakkal Cafe, a favorite among the young people, are among the popular locations of the island.

Asmaaltı and Boruzan restaurants at the harbor; Yakamoz at the Turkish Town; Salkım and Ada’m at the Greek Town offer the Aegean flavors.