While you are walking around Prague step by step, you feel like being pulled towards a place…Step by step, you head towards old town square…When you get this square at the heart of the city where all streets meet, a never-ending crowd welcomes you.

That is the crowd of people who want to see one the most exclusive, historical symbols of the world…

Of the astronomical clock tower….

Every hour on the hour, the passing of twelve apostles of Jesus comes to life with the bells and music played at that time.

It is like heartbeats of the world…

Since the 15th century, this special clock, which was made by the clockmaker Hanuš, still exists and attracts people’s interests.

Everything began when the clockmaker Hanuš who was a professor at Charles University made a clock in order to give a message that “Everybody will go back to a point he/she has come from that is everybody will be purified with soil and die.”

The clock which has Hebrew numbers and symbols outside is an astronomical clock which shows the positions of the Earth, the Moon and the Sun. It consisted of two circles. While there is a usual clock above, the sign of the zodiac of the person who is born that day is  presented below. Moreover, there are also name suggestions for new-born babies on the sides.

This charm which took people to Prague in crowds disturbed the King and therefore he took a dreadful decision, the clockmaker Hanuš was blinded on the order him so that he couldn’t repeat his work…

The clockmaker Hanuš was offended deeply….

One night he went up to the top of the tower, committed suicide by pressing himself into the mechanism… Then, although the king brought many masters to repair the clock, he couldn’t see that the clock was working again in his lifetime.

Years later, a master came and the symbolic performance that we witnessed every hour started again.

If you ever travel to Prague, go to that square where your steps will take you without fail. If possible, sit in a café opposite the clock tower. Wait for every hour on the hour accompanied with your delicious coffee.