We have left a long winter behind. Our bodies might have fattened, our skin and hair might have become dryer, and we might have become mentally depressed because of malnutrition, inactivity, and cold weather during the winter season. Resolving these matters is possible. Pay attention to the recommendations of our specialists.


Some small nutrition tips are necessary to refresh our bodies that become tired, fattened, and dried due to malnutrition during the winter season. Acıbadem Etiler Medical Center Diet and Nutrition Specialist Melis Torluoğlu gives special tips to refresh our metabolism when entering summer:

Don’t let your blood sugar increase rapidly
When foods that contain high amounts of sugar are consumed, we might feel the hunger sooner, and feel fatigue due to the rapid changes of our blood sugar. Therefore, we need to stay away from foods with a high glycemic index such as pasta, rice, pastry, chocolate, and cake during the preparation for summer phase.

Don’t skip breakfast
Eating breakfast every morning is important to balance your blood sugar that drops during night and to accelerate your metabolism. The people who want to lose weight before summer should eat breakfast regularly. They should have cheese, egg, olive, walnut, whole wheat bread at this meal. They don’t suggest eating pastries and bakery products.

Sleep well; take a step back in time at nights
Melatonin hormone, which is responsible to repair our body, is on duty at nights and shows anti-aging effects. When it is released in insufficient amounts, your body fattens. Researches show that an individual who gets 5 hours of sleep loses 56 percent less fat than an individual who gets 8 hours of sleep.

Exercising is not a hobby; it is a life style
World Health Organization suggests 150 minutes of exercising weekly to strengthen our muscular system, to help the release of hormones in a more active way, for the health of our digestive system, and an ideal body composition.

Which exercise burns how many calories?  
Horseback riding: 30 minutes 145 calories
Playing football: 30 minutes 250 calories
Playing tennis: 20 minutes 120 calories
Swimming: 20 minutes 145 calories
Riding bicycle: 30 minutes 140 calories
Dancing: 20 minutes 110 calories
Playing volleyball: 15 minutes 55 calories
(Based on a 70 kg. adult individual)


Unfavorable weather conditions during winter cause drops on humidity rates; therefore, our skin loses its freshness and looks dull. If you haven’t done your skin treatments for summer yet, read the recommendations of Acıbadem Atakent Hospital Dermatology Specialist Dr. Selda Yıldırım:

Protect from the sun
The reason behind getting wrinkles and dark spots on our skin, and skin aging is the sun by ninety percent. Moisturizing skin creams that are used in winter are not eligible to be used in summer. You should use a daily moisturizing cream with SPF 50 during summer. Also, choose to stay in shaded areas, wear a hat, and use UV filtered sunglasses. Avoid solariums and getting suntan; do not forget that there is no such thing called getting a healthy suntan.

Renew your skin with chemical peeling
If your skin is prone to forming dark spots, the existing spots are going to be intensified in time. You can treat them before entering summer. Chemical peeling is one of the treatments that is made to revitalize your skin, to remove dry and dead skin cells, and to clear dark spots. During the treatment, an acid to peel the skin is applied. This application lightens the dark spots and cleans the pores on your skin.

Don’t ignore your hair treatment
Our hair loses its moisture balance during winter. Dryness and wear of hair caused by pool water, seawater, and the sun increases. Choosing a proper shampoo, applying moisturizing masks regularly, using sun protection spray for hair, and using a light cap are important. Also, one or two applications of hair mesotherapy for strong hair before entering summer might be beneficiary.

Prevent excessive perspiration
The level of perspiration increases during summer and effects our lives negatively. This problem can be solved with an application of painless Botox that takes only half an hour. The effects of the application can be seen in one week.


The people, who spend their time indoors during the busy winter, begin to come alive with the nice sunny days. Acıbadem International Hospital’s Psychologist Assistant Prof. Dr. Ferahim Yeşilyurt explains the effects of weather conditions on people’s psychology:

The happiness hormone
“Our mental health is affected in a positive way due to the increase in the amount of sunlight that we become exposed during summer. The happiness hormone serotonin is released more on sunny days. This causes us to feel energized and happier.”

Excess heat causes aversion
“When heat becomes excessive, aversion is experienced stronger. Overcast and rainy weather make people feel avers, less vibrant, depressive, withdrawn, and pessimistic; as the heat increases excessively, conflicts increase and people feel avers, tired, and quick tempered. We can tell that clear and sunny weather affects people positively and increases their energy and morale. However, when this increase of air temperature becomes closer to 40 degrees, which is hard to adjust for people, we begin to experience compliance problems. Therefore, excessive heat might bring unwillingness to work in its wake.”

Special tips to enter summer happier
Take short walks or exercise when the sun is not effective
Take breaks often if you are working in excess heat
Choose comfortable cotton clothing items
Increase liquid intake; drink plenty of water
Get socialized
Take short vacations
Take cold showers
Don’t go out when it is too hot
Plan to take short naps around noon