Quebec, Canada And Bonhomme

Quebec, Canada And Bonhomme

First name, Bonhomme; last name, Carnival… The symbol of the Winter Carnival celebrated since 1894 in Quebec, Canada is also the most important symbol of the city. Bonhomme, which means “good man” is a snowman figure.

The red hat and the colorful belt are among the pieces of the traditional clothes of the locals. During the festival, which lasts about two weeks between the end of January and the midst of February, people who are wearing Bonhomme costumes stroll around the festival grounds and read stories to children in French, English, and Spanish.

Bonhomme also has a Winter Palace during the winter in Quebec. A magnificent palace was built in 1955 for Bonhomme, the carnival’s symbol of honor, in the Jacques-Cartier Square. The palace was built by keeping in mind every small detail that a palace should have, even a dungeon. It gets to be built all over again out of gigantic snow bricks, weighing about nine thousand tons, every winter since 1955. Many sculptors and artists from around the world come together to make ice sculptures in this festival. The construction works go on for months to make the palace which is fifty meters wide, twenty meters deep and twenty meters high.

The number of tourists who come to see the masterpieces made by the sculptors are not to be underestimated. People dance while enjoying the light shows and the DJ performances at the ball organized in the palace. This has also become a tradition in Quebec.

Bonhomme invites everyone to share a tradition to warm you inside out with hot shows and festivals in the middle of the winter. Guests that come from all around the world enjoy the visual feast and entertainment.