Railways Are The Antidotes Of Financial Crises

Railways Are The Antidotes Of Financial Crises

We have survived many crises as a nation that lived united for a thousand years in our heavenly homeland, which has also been the cradle of numerous civilizations.

I genuinely  believe we will overcome the recent financial crisis, affecting all of us deeply.

As always, our railways, the symbol of our independence and future, is the primary solution for the salvation of our country.

Yet, the railway is a comfortable and safe transportation system with a low investment and maintenance cost and it consumes cheap and clean energy.

That is why, we continue to cover our country with high-speed and fast railway networks from west to east and from north to south, working day and night.

Besides the new rail lines, we give importance to national and indigenous production through R&D studies.

We have reached a very high indigenousness ratio like ninety percent in high-speed railway construction, which requires advanced technology.

We have covered a significant distance in producing the indigenous wagon, locomotive, and diesel train sets; we used to import the rail components, consisting of switch, rail, sleeper, and connectors but now we locally produce and export them as well.

We contribute greatly to our country’s economy by continuing successfully the production of indigenous and national locomotive, freight wagon, and diesel train sets, which we have begun in cooperation with our subsidiaries located in Sivas, Eskişehir, and Sakarya as a parent company.

With the aim of preventing the current account deficit by raising the indigenousness ratio in all products as high as possible, I would like to honor the memory of Veteran Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who said “Railways engender prosperity and wealth,” in the 80th anniversary of his pass on into eternal life with mercy and gratitude.

Have a nice trip…


TCDD Genel Müdürü