In Turkey, the first thing that pops the mind at any mention of coaching and therapy by means of horses is the treatment studies conducted for the benefit of the disabled. In the world since the 1990s, people from all age groups have been applied psychotherapy, personal development and learning ability tests. Coaching and learning sessions through horses have been implemented over the past two decades, especially in the U.S. Over the years, the increase of horse-assisted learning programs and coaching  with the help of horses are the most important evidence that they are good for human spirit. We talked to Saybaşılı, Co-Founder of Starseed Training and Consultancy and representative of management of coaching methods by means of horses in Turkey (one of the most noticeable trends of recent times), about the special programs which she prepared for individuals and institutions.

Sevgi Saybaşılı, Co-Founder of Starseed Training and Consulting Company, by investing in this strategy, resolve many problems of individuals whom she provides with counseling within the scope of coaching and therapy training with horses which they can not solve in daily life and which reduce their quality of life.  Holding sessions in Istanbul, Izmir and Kocaeli, Saybaşılı states that they have developed these programs aiming at making the projects widespread across Turkey and also says that they are open to new offers. Working on a training program which is going to be held every month with a hotel and equestrian center in Kastamonu, Saybaşılı points out that they evaluate proposals from Bursa and in early summer, they will bring a different study into life in Cappadocia. And Starseed coaching studies with horses are being carried out in the Pegasus Riding Course located at Polonezköy–Cumhuriyet village in İstanbul and in Tulya Riding Academy in Zekeriyaköy–Gümüsdere.

She took lessons from world-renowned instructors
After NLP Practitioner training which she received from Tamer Dövücü, Sevgi Saybaşılı completed life coaching and team coaching training in Erickson Coaching International. Going abroad to realize her dreams about horses, Saybaşılı took ‘Equine Experimental Learning & Coaching Facilitator’ and ‘The Dance Of Authenticity Through The Wisdom Of The Horse’ horse training on this project from Epona certified life coach Kathy Pike. Then she  participated together with another advanced Epona approved trainer Sharon Bringleso in ‘Medicine Wheel’ studies with horses and energy fields. Saybaşılı’s biggest target is to help people uncover their indivudialties and spread the awareness of those horses which are helpful in personal development of people, healing and therapy areas.

Horses mirror our inner world
When it comes to therapy studies conducted in Pegasus Horse Riding Course and  Tulya Kurtulan Riding Academy, these studies are carried out in a lush nature. Indicating that horses are extremely sensitive, emotional creatures and having high level of awareness, Sevgi Saybaşılı says that “Horses heal and help us reach a higher level of consciousness. Horses should be noted that they hold a mirror to our inner world. Saying that they first determine on which topic they want to work together with the participants attending coaching sessions, Saybaşılı continues “In order to have successful outcomes from the studies, first of all they need to decide on what topic they want to fix in individuals lives.Then, we do reflect work with horses in the barn.”

Individuals lives change from A to Z
According to Saybaşılı, the most important part of this work is freelance work of the person with the horse which he or she has chosen in an enclosed area. During this process, staying beyond the surrounded area, Saybaşılı leaves the  person alone with the horse he or she has chosen. In this context, observing both the horse and the person as well, Saybaşılı  sheds light on communication or miscommunication between horse and person by intervening when necessary, “Horses behave the way what a person needs. Horses can response people’s feelings, thoughts and untreated traumas which they keep at their depths disclose. She emphasizes that even in the first session some data which change individuals’ lives might come out. Saybaşılı says that they do another 1 or 2 sessions to be able to go deep into findings obtained and emphasizes that the session take an average of 3 hours. Even if the study fee varies depending on ​​the riding school and the farm which an agreement made with, it stands out as an average of £ 500.

Proper leadership studies
Stating that in 2013, when they focused on individual coaching sessions, leadership workshops and special education programs aiming at institutions, Sevgi  Saybaşılı gives the following information about what kind of support they receive from horses in leadership  efforts: “Horses are highly competent teachers by nature about leadership. A leadership scheme seen in flocks which are not predators like horses and of which everyone has the ability to have different roles should be established. The leaders of horse herds, in addition to their experiences, perceptions of openness and competence in decision-making have a point of view that safeguard the interests of other horses existing in the herds.’ Proper leadership is the model ‘which I have called is fed by this feature of the horses”.

Restrictive judicial and beliefs vanish
Underlining that, after coaching studies with horses, individuals start to lead a life not imposed on them, but a life satisfactory, passionate, away from uniformity and also helpful to others, Saybaşılı says “Open education participants learn acquiring this point of views and escaping from restrictive justice and faith sabotaging on their own. We regulate our leadership training for organizations depending on the current needs of with a way to focus on issues such as communication, teamwork and management skills. “Sevgi saybaşılı gives the following information: “In 2014, at first we will develop projects that will make the coaching and training activities which are widespread in Turkey. We will organize leadership camps with the youth, we will focus on ‘power’ issue which we extract from horse herds, dynamics and leadership model existing in horses. With the new education, we will be able to increase our personal power and allow us to have the capability of managing power.