It is possible to renew the energy of our houses, in which we find peace and relax after the day’s stress, with little touches. Moreover, you do not need to spend a lot of money while doing these.

So how do you do it?

Here are some practical decorating recommendations for you:

Light colors should be preferred for brightness
At the first glance, it might be nice to use vivid colors such as red, purple and green on the walls of the house, but after a while these colors are starting to tire people. However, you can make your home brighter and more spacious by choosing light colors such as off-white, beige and ice blue. In addition, these colors affect people’s psychology positively with the hygiene sense they give.

In recent years, using light colors have become fashionable on floor coverings such as laminate and ceramic tile. By making your home’s floor covered with white laminate, you can make it look brighter. Besides, if the renewal period of your bathroom comes, it is possible to catch an elegant and plain view by choosing floor tiles and white color patterned ceramic tiles. You can colourize your plain floor tiles by zinging up with bathroom accessories. It is suggested to use colorful bath mats, colored soap dispenser, and decorative vases for this.

Use colorful pillows
You can have a plain decoration which does not cause eye fatigue by choosing seats with solid color fabrics instead of patterned seats in your home. The intended liveliness here can be achieved by using colorful and patterned pillows. Also, it will be possible to catch a sense as if your seats have been renewed without renewing it by changing your pillows a few times in a year.

Chairs are important
Chairs are one of the indispensables of a house as well. In recent years, colorful chairs have become part of our lives.  It is possible to give your home a more modern and youthful look by using colorful chairs.

Stay away from small objects
The size of the accessories and trinkets used in houses are also one of the prominent factors of a house decoration. Because while small trinkets cause a home more complicated and tedious, large objects make the house more stylish and spacious as well. Small objects are also indicated as objects that should not be preferred due to the fact that they accumulate too much dust.

According to the Feng-Shui, which has become a trend in home decoration in recent years, our furniture can make our home’s energy negative and make us ill. It is possible to avoid this matter by paying attention to some specifics. What should be done in order to keep the energy up and positive in our home and office? What might be possible in which part of our house?

Here are the answers to all of these:

It is the most commonly used and worn-out group in our home. For this reason, renew the old and worn-out upholstery of chairs and seating groups or make their upholsteries recovered. Make the wooden parts polished. Get your home in-depth cleaned every year. So, you let energy flowing again in your house and your energy refreshed.

Dining table and chairs also need their energies to be renewed every year. It holds great importance to get them repaired if they have any cracks and fractures. Also, it has great importance to get their regular maintenance done due to the fact that it may affect your family’s luck.

It holds a great importance cleanse the energy especially in the bedrooms. Because we spend about 7 hours of our daily lives in our bedrooms, therefore the flowing of clean energy in our bedrooms is reflected positively to our health. Letting fresh air into the bedrooms by opening their windows, running air purifiers, making regular cleaning of bedding and furniture are the points that are given importance in Feng-Shui.

The curtains that are one of the indispensable accessories of homes are not moved from their place especially when they are used as backgrounds. However, they need to be moved frequently in order to prevent their dustiness. We need to ensure the flow of energy by moving the curtains frequently and washing them periodically and prevent them to create energy stability in our homes.

Of the parts of our homes, especially bookshelves are very likely to keep dust. The book shelves which are located wall-to-wall in study rooms carries more disease risk if they are not in closed units. Therefore, the book shelves need to be emptied every year, the dust on the books needs to be cleaned with wet clothes, and the books need to be left out in fresh air as well. In addition, cleaning shelves with salty water provides the changing of the negative energy that may have accumulated and renewal of the energy.

What is Feng-Shui?
Feng-Shui, which means wind and water, is an ancient Chinese teaching that shows methods of activation of the presence of life’s energy that is present in nature. This teaching which has a five thousand-year of history is a method of organizing living spaces properly for human beings. Thus, it is believed that there will be more healthy lives and happy relationships established. In addition, it is believed that it helps personal and career development and also contributes to increase in the earnings