The new model of Mercedes that redefines luxury and plays for the top of its class Maybach took its place in our country’s market. Combining the whole experience of the brand in comfort, safety, and high technology fields, Mercedes Maybach S-Class is 20 cm larger than the other vehicles in the S-Class with its 5 m 45 cm length and 3 m 37 cm wheelbase. The vehicle also offers the sensation of privacy and privilege with its now 66 mm shorter back passenger doors allowing the back seats to remain behind the door line.

An interior as silent as a library
It is natural to emphasize the silence and comfort inside the cabin since it is the new comfort pioneer of Mercedes. Another highlight is that Maybach S-Class is more silent than the most silent vehicle of the world S-Coupe. It is almost impossible to hear the wind or engine noise inside the vehicle. Especially the back seat passengers could enjoy to rest or work in the maximum comfort level.

Detects infra-red
Even the standard Maybach S-Class is a vehicle that defines the height of the bar in the aspects of comfort and safety thanks to the high technology that it features. The technologies such as Pre-Safe® Plus system that detects pedestrians and automatically breaks up to 50 km/h, DISTRONIC PLUS that offers steering aid and start/stop function, infra-red vision system, night vision aid Plus come as standard features of the vehicle.

Two powerful engines
Mercedes S-Class has been offered for sale in two versions as S 500 and S 600 in two different petrol engine options. Mercedes-Maybach S 500 comes with 4.663 cc, twin turbo V8 (455 hpw) engine, and S 600 comes with 5.980 cc, V12 (530 hpw) engine. Both engines can be purchased with 9-gear new automatic transmission called 9G-TRONIC. Both engines can have the vehicle reach to 100 km/h speed in 5 seconds. Full speed of the vehicle is limited electronically at 250 km/h.

Modern luxury
The interior design of Mercedes-Maybach S-Class offers a combination of style and superiority, and trend-setting privileges. The vehicle materializes the modern luxury in a unique way. Mercedes-Maybach S-Class is especially designed for chauffeur usage. The rear seat passengers feel the maximum comfort and roominess embraced by modern luxury. Maybach emblem, which is embedded on the nappa leather armrest between the front seats, draws attention in the interior. IWC design analog clock, which is located on the front panel, completes the design that suits Mercedes-Maybach S-Class interior.

Sound system
The new volume control system of the vehicle, which is ideal for chauffeur usage, makes the communication between the chauffeur and the rear seat passengers easier. Burmester® latest technology 3D surround sound system offers a unique audio-visual experience. The high frequency speakers that are located in the rear doors can direct the sounds toward the passengers thanks to their ability to move multi-directional and spiral. The prices are as high as their features; they start from 1 million TL and go up to 1.3 million TL.