Reflecting Any Culture You Want in Your House, Using a Wall Paper

Reflecting Any Culture You Want in Your House, Using a Wall Paper

Decorators capture the cultural inspirations that they want to create in spaces with the use of wallpapers.

For example, decorators easily obtain the Mediterranean breeze with wallpapers, in which classic and ancient patterns and blue-green tones are treated; the African breeze with the wallpapers using the traditional Moroccan door motif; and the Anatolian breeze with the wallpapers in which the floral patterns with the antique effects and natural tones are treated. You can easily apply this decoration trend, used widely by the professionals, to capture the cultural atmosphere you want in your home. Wallpapers that you will apply on a single wall of the place you want to decorate and one or two accessories that you can use to go with will gain a new ambiance to your home.


This straight motif with an antique effect and a Moroccan door brings the traces of the past to your living spaces. In addition to soft colors such as cream, mink, and anthracite, you can bring colorful Moroccan culture to your home with different alternatives ranging from indigo blue to gold and silver effects, used in contrasting colors.


From ancient Greek architecture to the vast blue of the Aegean and Mediterranean, from warm and cheerful people to olive trees, symbolizing life and peace, wallpapers that reflect the Greek lands with all their richness are in favor. You can create timeless spaces where classical and antique patterns are mostly interpreted with cream, gray and pale blue and completed with gold and bronze glitters.


Discover wildlife! This theme offers alternatives that interpret motifs in natural tones such as cream, mink, green, gray and black, which spans from palm trees to geometric patterns inspired by Brazil’s tropical nature and native plants. All of these bring the exotic spirit of the Amazon forests and the spooky world of natural life to your spaces.


Interpreted with the soft tones of light brown, sweet gray, romantic blue, powder pink, and serene lilac colors, this elegant theme is ideal for those who want to create romantic spaces while offering simple and striped alternatives that reflect the glow of silk.


Aside from the cultural history, authentic flavors and hospitable people of Anatolia; the natural beauty of the Black Sea, the Aegean and the Mediterranean, the modern metropolitan lifestyle of Europeans… With this pattern group, which is interpreted through flower motifs with antique effects and completing plain patterns, natural tones like green, blue, and brown, you will reflect the brightness of the Mediterranean, the history of Anatolia, and the nature of the Aegean to your living spaces…