A sudden drop in air pressure, thickening of clouds, increasing humidity, changes in temperature, and strong winds increase body aches and affect eye health. As we invite diseases, when our body resistance decreases; headaches, eye diseases increase, and cold, dry air cause eye infections. Experts warn against the situation that especially triggers migraine attacks and worsens existing pains.

Sudden weather changes trigger migraine
Pointing out the weather conditions being the most important one among the environmental factors that trigger headaches and migraines, Medicana Konya Hospital Neurology Specialist Asst. Prof. Dr. Haluk Gümüş says, “Hot, warm, very dry mountain and desert winds dry the wet surface in the mouth and nasal cavity, inducing airways and this might cause headaches. Because of the chemicals such as ozone, carbon monoxide and others in the atmosphere, headaches become more severe. Through the brain’s sensation of the low oxygen levels, expansion of blood vessels begins in order to maintain the blood supply, which increases pressure in the brain and a headache occurs.”

Do you have pain episodes more than two times in a month?
“If a patient gets more than two attacks in a month, he or she must receive regular treatment. Migraine should be eliminated by taking drugs every day, patients who get only one attack in a month should still see a doctor. One fifth of the migraine patients suffer from a headache called migraine with visual aura. In these patients, symptoms such as sightedness on one side, sense of flickering lights in the eyes, and seeing lines might be seen. These patients should not smoke or take birth control pills or drugs that contain estrogen, because they fold the risk of having a stroke by 15.”

Do not stay in the wind; protecting yourself from the wind that especially blows directly to your head is very important.- Do not let the air conditioner blow directly to your face at home or in a vehicle.- If your migraine is triggered by southwester, try not to go outdoors that day; even when you let the door open at home, you have the risk to experience the effects of the southwester.- Do not open the windows in your car to blow the wind directly to your face.- Do not go out after taking a shower in the mornings; you must blow dry your hair thoroughly after washing it at night.- Set your hair dryer on warm setting, it should be neither too hot nor too cold. Its temperature should be close to the body temperature and it should not blow fast.

Adore the spring flowers but get protected
Windy and dry air, increased risk of allergies in this season that trees bloom, and crowded environments increase eye diseases in this season. Konya Medicana Hospital Ophthalmologist Dr. Ayşe Kıyak Yılmaz explains how to protect your eye health: “First, you need to pay attention to hygiene. Wash your hands frequently, use paper towels instead of shared towels, keep the bottom of your lashes clean, avoid close contact, and carry utmost importance especially in prevention of contagious conjunctivitis (inflammation of the outermost layer of the eye and the membrane surrounding the inner surface of the eyelid.)

Do not go out without a hat and sunglasses 
“In addition, it is necessary to use wide eyeglasses to be protected from the sun rays. Also, it is important to adjust the ventilation and humidity level of the environment. People who read or use computer for long periods should be resting their eyes at short intervals. For example, you can rest your eyes by looking away or closing your eyes at every 20-30 minutes. You should use sunglasses also in windy weather.”

Moisture your eyes
People, who feel dryness in their eyes and look at a computer screen for long time and stay in the environments with air conditioning, can use artificial tear drops to moisten their eyes. We should clean and moisten our eyes and eyelids just as we clean and moisten our face. We can use diluted baby shampoo to clean our eyes and lashes.

Power up with super foods 
Fight against extreme fatigue, poor quality of sleep, body aches, and weakness with detoxifying foods. Medicana Sivas Hospital Dietitian Özge Karabağ explains the foods that strengthen our bodies by revitalizing our kidneys, intestines, and livers that cleanse our bodies from the harmful toxins taken through alcohol, smoking, drugs, and foods: “One of the most important cleansing techniques is to increase the daily water intake. For example, if you drink 2 liters of water a day, make it 3 liters. You can drink it at room temperature or warm, by adding a little bit of lemon juice, if you like.” Beets can also fight cancer“Beets must be considered as red spinach. It has antioxidant effects to battle cancer because of the high levels of folic acid and natural red pigments it contains. Consumed conveniently fresh, raw, and in salads, beets lose their antioxidant power when cooked.”

Get rid of water retention with cabbage
“It contains enzymes that fight against cancer such as sulforaphane. It is among the favorite foods of women because of its properties such as detoxifying and getting rid of water retention. As you get rid of the toxins in your body, you might consider this as a detox and keep red meat, eggs, milk and milk products, all wholemeal foods, caffeine, chocolate, and table sugar away from your table for a while.”