Rules of Design are Changing

Rules of Design are Changing

The number of Turkish women fashion designers who make a difference with the innovative touches in the design world and inspire the fashion sector by making technology wearable is increasing rapidly.

The Ezra+Tuba brand, which is the signature of the sisters Ezra and Tuba Çetin, is becoming distinct at this point. Çetin Sisters, who are educated in four different disciplines and work with engineers to reflect the technologies of the future into the design processes, have taken the step to be a part of the change that will be experienced in the near future. Technological changes and the globalized digital networks trigger faster changes in trends according to the duo who construct a design process intertwined with software and other different details.

Biodegradable designs

Under the influence of marketing strategies, fashion brands create a much more sophisticated consumer world. Details such as visual language nuances, differences, ethical insights, and transparency are driving consumers to expect faster and more comfortable solutions from brands. Ezra+Tuba brand becomes distinct by processing this data. The duo who designed a wearable technological outfit for Arçelik Çeliknaz displayed their design at the Brand Conference in 2018. Combining software and robotics technologies with inspiration from arts and technology, Çetin Sisters took part in Contemporary Art İstanbul with their interactive 3D sculptures. Designed with the integration of sound and light technology, 3D sculptures are inspired by the influences of the scientific studies of the Renaissance period. Çetin Sisters, who currently focus on ‘zero waste’ and ‘recycling’ issues, have placed the biodegradable fabrics in their agenda. Underlining that change has already begun, Ezra Çetin said, “Numerous applications to be developed for mobile devices, wearable technologies and virtual reality will provide a tremendous economic growth in software as well as a technological growth. This growth will be inevitable, especially in the textile field. Non-recyclable products will not be demanded. In the 21st century, we see that the concepts of technology and return to nature surround our lives. As the Ezra+Tuba brand, we carry out fabric and product studies in this direction. We set out by internalizing these two concepts. We have been cooperating with İpeker fabric brand which stands out with its R&D investments for two years.”

Vegan and recyclable fabrics

The dissolving of fabric waste in nature takes place between 200 and 1000 years. The fabrics used in the collection of Ezra+Tuba brand begin to dissolve in nature after 3 months. Tuba Çetin underlined that they are working on the Smart Store project and commented on this issue: “The software for our Smart Store project is being prepared, hologram work, language software are being written and partnerships are established with entrepreneurial companies that make different algorithm calculations. However, the location and application dates are not clear. We aim at the end of 2019 or the beginning of 2020. The technology world is being the witness of a change every day. As we wanted to raise awareness by means our project, we accelerated our technopolis activities and rapidly opened our project to investors. We are currently meeting with Yıldız Teknopark. We presented our projects and now we are trying to complete the necessary processes. We are a brand that protects nature through technology. Therefore we use vegan and recyclable fabrics or natural fibers. In addition to smart products, recycled vegan products will also be available in the store. In the smart store, you will be able to access parts manufactured by the use of advanced technologies. First, a range of products made from vegan and recyclable fabrics and IoT-enhanced products from clothing to accessories will be available.


Technology is being carried to daily life via different designs

Ezra+Tuba brand progresses in the design process by combining the principles of nature with the principles of technology. While avoiding the materials that are not biodegradable, R&D studies, aiming to develop new raw materials, continue at full speed. Intelligent 3D objects that react to change in the environment thanks to proximity sensing sensors and other technological devices shape technology, functionality, and aesthetics with artistic approach and interpretation. Ezra Çetin who emphasized that the concepts of technology and return to nature will change the consumer perception radically in the coming days conveys that they are becoming a brand that cares about recycling, nature, and technology. Tuba and Ezra Çetin Sisters said that the use of different materials triggers their imagination and explained how they designed Arçelik Çeliknaz’s wearable outfit: “We made our carbonfiber design with inspiration from Arçelik’s ‘Black Diamond’ carbonfiber refrigerator. When you open the refrigerator door, the blue light you see that extends the life of the product has been the complement of the dress for us. When you approach, you see the blue light when the parts, which move and change form, re-position. It is exciting to see the innovative turning points of technology enter our daily lives through design.”