Rules of Wearing a Suit

Rules of Wearing a Suit

Greetings from the first months of Fall… Summer is over but this does not mean that patterns and colors are over too.

On the contrary, this season will be one where colors and patterns speak to us. Moreover, they will not be limited to skirts, dresses, shirts, and blouses. Trouser and jacket combinations that suit the fall are equipped with colors and patterns. If you haven’t tried wearing a suit before, designs of the season are elegant enough to make it easier for you.

Here are some clues about the new season’s suit trends…


Summer is over but colors are still here. Designers have been using plenty of colors this season. Don’t be afraid of trying new colors on while making your selections. A warm looking red suit combined with a beige pair of shoes and a purse will look great on you.


Most of the time, like colors, we are afraid of trying patterns in our clothes, we choose simplicity. But this season patterned suits are in the forefront. Whether you use patterns on the whole combination or choose one piece with patterns, you will see that the pattern suits both you and the suit. Keep in mind that you need to use your shoes and bags and your jewelry in a simple manner.


Those days when the regular length or ankle length trousers came to mind at the mention of suits are over. Designers now include shorts under the jackets in their creations. You can choose to combine your shorts with jackets of the same length or longer than your shorts and complete your combination with sneakers or high heels.


There is no rule that only men wear suits at the receptions! With a pair of long and wide-leg trousers and a jacket that fits perfectly on a stylish reception, you may even look more elegant than you would in a dress. Imagine yourself in a yellow suit combined with a pair of pink shoes and a bag; make sure you try these pieces that you will complete with a wet hairstyle and simple make-up at the receptions…


Over size clothing has been the favorite trend in recent years. Over size trend that begins with thick sweaters, and shirts and continues with winter jackets now shows itself also in suits. If you are accustomed to dressing comfortably and you are not ready to make compromises, you can make a difference by wearing over size suits.