San Francisco may not me as exciting and chaotic as America’s big apple New York but it is a beautiful city whether it’s fogy of sunny. You cannot get your eyes off of its streets, houses, museums, and landscapes. The days that cold makes you shiver in summers are not just a few. Falls are the best times to visit this lovely city. There is no better time to get to know this city, attend to its festivals, take long walks in its parks, watch the concerts, and visit its galleries. Cafes and restaurants makes you face with new kind of experiences related to its culture and spirit. How long do you have to see this beautiful city? A day, three days or one week? Regardless of the length of your visit, here is a travel guide for San Francisco…

Wear a flower in your hair
The song named, “Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair” that became very famous in 1967 was number one in the US and European music charts. The song attracted thousands of young people to San Francisco. It says, “If you are going to San Francisco, be sure to wear flowers in your hair.” You can still feel the ambience of those times in Haight, which is one of the most famous neighborhoods of San Francisco. If you would like to experience the influence of the 60s, staying at Red Victorian Bed, Breakfast & Art and meeting with the owner Sami Sunchild would be more than enough. Sami who is a devotee of peace, ecology, and global friendship concepts named the rooms of the guesthouse to reflect the past and philosophy of his character: Flower Child Room, Sunlight Room, Rainbow Room, Peace Room, Summer of Love Room… Even if you don’t stay there, you might want to stop by the Peace Café. If you are insisting on a real American breakfast on your first day in the city then you should try Pork Store Café’s energetic breakfast. You are going to arrive in the Golden Gate Park when you walk up the Haight Street. The area does not only have walk paths, gardens, lakes, and playfields but it also has museums, and indoor areas, which offers different type of activities. You can ride a bicycle; do ice skating, play golf, tennis, or lawn bowls. It is also possible to ride a horse. You can see the exhibition grounds and gardens such as MH de Young Memorial Museum, Japanese Tea Garden, and California Academy of Sciences.

Stop by the Italian town
The Italian town North Beach is our next stop. Mario’s Bohemian Cigar Store Cafe, which doesn’t sell Bohemian cigars anymore, is one of the best locations to feel the North Beach atmosphere. Mario’s cafe is the ideal spot to watch the business around the Washington Square. If you’d like to spend more time in another classic location of the neighborhood have your coffee at Café Trieste. Their coffee is also pre-eminent. This historical place is in business since 1956. See the Grant Avenue, walk around the North Beach and Chinatown. See the restaurants that their food pouring out on the streets with their smoke and smell, the shops that sell souvenirs, table skirts, touristic items, silk clothes, and its authentic streets.

Rent a bicycle
On your second day, observe the city on a bike. Rent your bike from Avenue Cyclery and pedal till you reach the end of the Golden Gate Park where it meets with the Pacific Ocean. You should visit one of the best art museums of the city Palace of the Legion of Honor. The museum, which is located between the trees of the Lincoln Park and golf fields, has an impressive European art collection that is from a period between the middle age and the 20th century, which includes the works of impressionists and Rodin. The museum was opened in 1924. A part of the 14 km walking trail in the city crosses through the Lincoln Park. Go back to drop off the bike. Lunch recommendation: Magnolia Pub & Brewery with its delicious dishes from organic hamburgers to risotto cakes.

Outdoor art gallery: Mission
Start your third day at Mission. The line never ends in front of Tartine café / bakery which is famous with its cakes and pastries made by using organic flour. Although the tables of the place are few in numbers, the line moves quickly. The reward of this wait to taste their breads, croissants, pies, sandwiches, and cakes is grand. They share their secrets in their book that is sold by Amazon. No doubt that Mission is the most colorful neighborhood of the city with its murals. Strolling around Mission is just as spending your whole day at an outdoor art gallery. The faces and sides of the buildings are covered totally in murals. The powerful Latin heritage and the artists from different cultures well deserve the credits given by this neighborhood with its colorful look. It is possible to see the best murals of Mission in 1.5 of walk.

Do not miss anything…
If you can extend your three-day visit to one week then you won’t have to miss anything.

The list goes on; the gruesome Alcatraz Island tour, a cable car ride through the famous steep streets of the city, a visit to the pier 39th at the Fisherman’s Wharf to see the seals, taking a walk at the Ocean Beach that children and dogs run around freely and surfers get into the cold waters. Some other classic addresses for pleasant walks are Telegraph Hill, Russian Hill, and Filbert Steps. Some other activities to do are visiting the Palace of Fine Arts, Berkeley University Campus, Lombard Street, going to a Giants baseball game, taking a tour to see Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory that is in business since 1852. In addition, try the clam chowder soup in sour bread.

By the way, do not forget to wear flowers in your hair whatever your plan for the day is…