Participated actively in business life between 2005 and 2015, Natali Özatay who made a new start to realize her dreams established the Le Pera brand in 2017. Özatay, on one hand, designs unique necklaces and wristbands that can be used in everyday life with the design passion and vision given by the education of Hittitology and Art History, while on the other hand she gets ready to realize her book and documentary projects.

Hittitology and Art History Graduate
As Natali Özatay was studying Hittitology in Literature Faculty of Istanbul University, she started taking Art History lessons in the last two years of her university education and became a master in history of Asia Minor; in fact she is a double-branch graduate… Özatay, who came from a journalist family, has gained experience in public relations, advertising, and organization in different institutions in business life since 2005. This process was followed by different phases such as team leadership and coordination in corporate companies operating in the service sector. Natali Özatay, who also trained herself in the field of human resources, studied Human Resources at Yıldız Technical University Continuous Education Faculty within this frame. Then, at Bahçeşehir University, she participated in the Drucker Management Certificate Program, an important branch of Human Resources Management. Özatay states that all these processes have different clues about how human life should be guided and by adapting this data to her business life she started progressing with a very different perspective. Deciding to give a different direction to her career in 2015, Özatay is now taking the opportunity to create a special space where she can freely perform her dreams on different platforms.

Working on two different projects
Focusing on two different projects, Natali Özatay gives the following information about them: “My first project is a children’s adventure book. My book has been completed and I am currently meeting with publishers. My goal was explaining what happened on the soil we tread upon in the past in a way that is fun, different and based on connotations. The starting point was to make children love history adventurously. The target audience of my book is children around the age of 11. I started out with a fairy tale, but as the number of characters increased, my work first turned into a story and then became a different experience. One of the most important features of the book is that its content also appeals to parents. The protagonist of the book is an adventurous and curious child who is the youngest son in the house. The second project is a documentary about Turkish maritime history. The most important reason why I am involved in this project is the presence of miniatures… Turkish miniature painting art was one of the subjects I wanted to learn the most during my study of Art History. I’m doing the Art History consultancy of the project. The project is under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey. In this context, we work with very valuable academicians. The most valuable sources related to the history of Turkish maritime are the Islamic Research Center (ISAM) and the Istanbul University Rare Books Library. ”

Created the Le Pera brand in 2017
After all these projects, Natali Özatay, who established the Le Pera brand in 2017 and transferred the history of Hititology and Art History to different wristband and necklace designs, explains her design line: “Until today, my production was service sector oriented. Over time, I aimed to design by adding a different dimension to this vision. One of the lessons I learned while studying Art History was mythology. When examining the history of B.C., a much different aesthetic emerges. Yes, perhaps there was no technology at the time, but it is observed from the designs on trinkets or other hand-made products, especially handmade accessories or cook and bake-ware products, show that a completely different artisanship was dominant. These details have always been interesting to me. I began to design wristbands and necklaces with character that could be used in everyday life within the Le Pera brand, nurtured by the refinement of past periods. In fact, since childhood I have been involved in jewelry design; because, my father is a journalist, as well as being a jeweler for many years. I especially enrich my wristband designs with details such as sea shells, wooden beads, fish, bird and elephant figures. I make my wristbands with the technique of macramé and add my own interpretations of it into them.  I prefer parachute rope or waxed ropes. I attach great importance to the yellow coating details used in my designs to be particularly water-resistant. Each bracelet model is unique.”

Will also design lighting accessories
Stating that the product she enjoyed designing the most recently was a pearl necklace that has the words “Hieros Gamos” inscribed on it which means “holy marriage”, Natali Özatay further makes the following comment on it: “For this necklace, I reinterpreted a mythological scene that reflected the struggle of two men. Thus, the figure that represents the power of union that is created by the marriage of the woman and the man came to existence. I cooperated with Ginkgo Jewelry for the process of cutting, laser drawing, making, polishing, and fixing the pearl of the figurine.” Özatay, who points out that she is targeting to reach more people with her designs in 2017 and after it, says, “In the winter months, I will focus on accessory designs that feature wool details. In the medium term, as well as jewelry designs, I aim to design different lighting accessories by putting mythological scenes under the lights. At this point, I will take advantage of fabric dyeing and printing techniques. I want to mention that I love rocks, too. I am collecting rocks from everywhere I go. I will follow a different path in the future to give life to these rocks. I will engrave these rocks with precious metals such as silver or copper. Currently my target customers connect me via my ınstagram account @le.pera. I send my designs to Greece and different parts of Turkey, especially to Marmaris. My design workshop is at Reka Evleri in Moda, Kadıköy.”