Simple Measures to Prevent Catching Diseases

Simple Measures to Prevent Catching Diseases

Seasonal changes are periods in which the risk of catching a disease is high. Many of us take various measures in order to protect ourselves from diseases with the knowledge we have acquired and through our past habits; we also adopt protective behaviors for our children or the elderly in need of care.

Experts also find these behaviors correct and we can cope with infectious diseases or chronic diseases, especially seasonal diseases, with simple measures that we can make into a lifestyle.

Lokman Hekim Hospitals Internal Medicine Specialist Dr. Oktay Demir, while making important explanations on the subject, draws attention to the following issue at the beginning: “Due to the season, we see upper respiratory tract infections with a high possibility of causing epidemics more often. We should get enough sleep, eat balanced meals, and consume foods with plenty of vitamins, most importantly, care for cleanliness and hygiene in order to be less affected by these infections.

Do not ignore simple measures

Internal Medicine Specialist Oktay Demir, noting that we should not get too close when we see someone with contagious disease in the first place, says: “We should not hug and kiss, or shake hands with someone with a disease that we think can be contagious. If we do one of these, we should wash our hands and face with soap and water and disinfect them.” Demir emphasizes that this measure is important for both the patient and us.

Be careful in crowded environments

Oktay Demir pointed out that crowded environments such as schools, offices, and public transportation can be places that harbor illnesses and he reminded not get too close to a person who is coughing or sneezing in the environment. He warned about wearing a mask in this type of environments.

How to be protected against epidemics?

We have the chance to prevent catching an epidemic disease that spreads through water, air, and food with simple precautions. The main framework of the measures to be taken to protect against epidemics consists of cleanness and hygiene. Dr. Oktay Demir said, “The way to prevent epidemics goes through cleanness and hygiene. We should wash our hands frequently, wear masks if necessary, consume plenty of fruit and get enough sleep.”

What to wear

We choose clothes according to the environment in which we will be during our daily lives. However, it should not be forgotten that these preferences also affect our health. Thick clothing in warm weather and thin clothing in cold weather with the effect of fashion trends in recent years have become preferable. Internal Medicine Specialist Oktay Demir also warns about clothing: “We should wear according to the season. If we are living in regions where the day and night temperature difference is significant, we should definitely carry spare clothes. For example, we can walk around comfortably in a T-shirt in the daytime but get cold in the evening. To prevent this, we should take a jacket or sweatshirt. We should choose clothes that are suitable for the season, not to sweat and not to keep cold.

Nutrition is important!

Experts always emphasize the importance of nutrition in the fight against diseases. It should not be forgotten that the more important the nutrition after the disease, the more important it is before the disease. The correctness of this step reduces the risk of developing diseases. Dr. Oktay Demir warns: “First of all, we should wash our hands with soap before every meal. We need to eat a balanced diet. In addition to carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, we must also consume fruits that contain vitamins and minerals to protect us from illnesses, especially during seasonal transitions.”