Actually, this is not the first time that we encounter with the devices that we call smart watches today, just like the way it happened with the tablets. We had seen the Casio watches that featured calculators, and the devices that featured fitness applications in the 1990s and in the 2000s. Two main characteristics what draw the line between a modern smart watch and its predecessors are the skills to communicate and expand. They might embrace many different features that we cannot even dream today by getting support from applications, as well as being able to communicate with other devices. This makes them as innovative as a smart phone.

They might make you forget about your phone
The main function of those devices is unveiled when they are synced with a smart phone. The process transfers the notifications from your phone to your wrist; therefore, making it easier for you to read your social media messages, SMSs, e-mails, to see your scheduled appointments, to listen to music, and to play media files. You may not even have to touch to your phone for a whole day to do these.

The life coach around your wrist
Some smart watch functions can follow your activities. You can count your steps, measure your pulse, and follow your sleep patterns thanks to these devices. They are controlled through some applications. Some devices also offer the functions such as making phone calls, turning voice into writing, and setting the alarm. Before making your decision on a smart watch, check to see if it is compatible with your smart phone and if they both work on the same operating system.

Although, it got into the game late, Apple wants to redefine the smart watch category with its own wearable device. The device that is offered in two different sizes comes in four different body and six different watchband options; therefore, it turns into one of the most customizable smart watches. Besides having a touch screen, the device enables users to browse its bubbly interface via its digital winder. Apple Watch that follows your activities and pulse allows its users to make contactless payments through its NFC chip. Unfortunately, the system called Apple Pay can only be used in the USA. The device also offers Siri voice assistant feature.

LG G Watch R that uses Google’s smart watch platform Android Wear combines a striking screen, long battery life, and a wrist friendly design. Its round 1.3-inch screen can be wearable around the slimmest wrists comfortably. The device that has 320×320 pixel resolution can be used up to two days on only one charge. Although, Android Wear platform is new, it has hundreds of applications. You can receive notifications, check your calendar, send messages, listen to music, and take your pulse thanks to this smart watch. On top of it, you don’t need to reach to your own smart watch to do these. LG G Watch R can be synced with all smart phones that use Android 4.3 or higher.

MOTO 360
The only problem with smart watches is that they look too technological. Moto 360 overcomes this problem by placing a fine and elegant steel frame around the 320×290 pixel resolution screen. Through the device that uses Google’s Android Wear operating system, you can check Google’s voice command support, Google Now and phone notifications. The watch that comes with Gorilla Glass 3, screen protection against impacts, is water resistant. The leather strap of Moto 360 is very elegant. Moto 360 offers a wireless charge feature as well as a pulse-meter.

Samsung Gear 2 that comes with an internal microphone and speaker enables you to make phone calls even when your phone is in your purse, and it doesn’t stop there. Through Samsung’s S Voice application, it makes following the weather and checking your address book possible via voice commands. The camera of the device makes it different from others. It also has a pulse-meter. The device runs on Tizen operation system instead of Android derivatives that are used widely and it is durable against water and dust by means of its IP67 certificate. Unfortunately, it is compatible only with certain models of Samsung.

It is very suitable for adventure lovers; on top of it, it works on Android Wear new generation operating system. It can follow your activities through its internal GPS module without the need of a smart phone and this makes it prominent. In the same manner, you can listen to music by synchronizing the smart watch with a Bluetooth headset. Smart Watch 3 that comes in black, white, pink, and green is as sportive as it looks. Its plastic strap is not standard but it is removable. IP68 certificate makes the device water resistant and its screen can be read even under the sun.