Speed, Freedom and Adrenalin in One

Speed, Freedom and Adrenalin in One

According to foresight, the interest in extreme sports will be much more than the interest in conventional sports after 2020.

The most important reason for this is that sports enthusiasts pursue different excitement. We have focused our attention on limbo skating and rope swing for the sports enthusiasts this month.

Different, unique and creative

Extreme sports, although often perceived as dangerous, if you know what you are doing and if you have received the appropriate training for that sport, are actually safe to perform. After all, every sport carries a little risk. The important thing is how much experience you have in that sport… There are many extreme sports such as underwater diving, mountain climbing, heliski and base jumping. The most important issue that we need to underline here is that the people who are injured while dealing with these sports are those who do not complete the necessary training or use the equipment. Extreme sports are different. Anyone can play football, anyone can run, but not everyone can drop himself into the emptiness from a height of 5 thousand meters or climb a 90-degree rock. Extreme sports are one way of reflecting originality. Some do it with art, some with style, and others show their originality through the sports they do. Being different nurtures creativity. Creativity works in every aspect of life. Extreme sports bring the joy of being different, making it possible to meet different people and geographies.  We have investigated the most remarkable of these extreme sports in recent years, namely limbo skating and rope swing.

Are you ready to skate under cars?

In Limbo, knowing how to skate is not enough. You have to be extremely flexible and short, dominating almost all the muscles of your body. This sport, which takes its name from the Limbo dance, is performed especially in China and India. Limbo skating requires roller skating to a certain height, with feet and arms spreading 180 degrees to the side, with exceptional flexibility, balance, and strength. For this reason, you need not only be flexible, but also very talented and daring. In order to pass under an obstacle with a very low height, advanced athletes spread their legs apart, if possible into a full split, and lean their upper body forward, with the face almost touching the ground. Let us remind you immediately, the height of the obstacle is no higher than 50 centimeters from the ground. The athlete also skates without touching it. Although there are different types in itself, the most common type of this sport is the type that is done under cars. Although the idea of skating under the cars seems unreasonable for the rules of physics, those who Limbo skate achieve it. The most important requirement in Limbo skating is not to be tall. For this reason, the majority of athletes are young people. The last record in the car limbo is held by Wu Xue, a 10-year-old Chinese ‘wonder boy’ who skated under 57 cars in 45 seconds. Another record attempt belongs to Shristi Sharma. Sharma entered the Guinness Book of Records by skating more than 25 meters under bars placed at 17 cm from the ground…

For those who want to swing freely

If you don’t have a fear of heights, if you like to swing, your balance and hand-foot coordination is right, rope swing can be an ideal sport for you. Which of us didn’t get jealous of Tarzan’s freely swinging from one tree to another in our childhood? Which one of us didn’t wonder about that feeling? There is no obstacle before you to make this dream come true because there is rope swing. Although Tarzan has mastered it, rope swing is as dangerous as any other extreme sport. But isn’t that how you enjoy the taste of adrenaline? Are you ready to raise your adrenaline level? If you’re interested in extreme sports, rope swing, which you’ve probably heard about it before, has recently become a popular event for adventurers to experience. Before you can do rope swing, you need to find a safe area where you can swing in empty space. After fixing one end of the rope to yourself and the other end to a point above, you can let yourself go down into space and enjoy this dangerous swing. Of course, accompanied by professionals and appropriate equipment… Extreme sports must be performed under the surveillance of a supervisor. Thus, possible mishaps and accidents are prevented.