Summer is Here; Bring Out the Hats

Summer is Here; Bring Out the Hats

Summer is here; hat lovers are happy… The variety of hats that are worn by some people out of necessity and by some others out of being fashionista is increasing this season. It seems as hats that you can use for any occasion as an accessory will tag along with you everywhere this season. Let’s see what this summer has in the bag for lovers of accessories such as hats, mini scarves, and bandannas…


Sporty-soldier hats are the rescuers, especially for those who do not like to wear sunglasses but want to protect their faces and eyes from the sun. It is a model that is both stylish and meets the needs. Every sports brand work with this model in every color. You can use it with your sportswear or you can even match it with pantsuits as the latest Hollywood stars do, as long as you wear sneakers to complete the combination!


Straw hats are indispensable this summer as they are in every summer. Now they come in many colors and models to suit everyone’s taste in style as well. You also have the chance to personalize straw hats, which are highly preferred for beach use, by decorating them with fabric dyes or small scarves.


Instead of hats, wearing scarves in a way to resemble the style of the 60s and the 70s is among the latest trends. We often see the scarves in so many colors, fabrics, and patterns in fashion shows. Find your own style of wearing it! You will definitely look stylish in a vintage dress wearing a silk scarf and huge sunglasses.


Bandanna is an accessory that can show the influence of the 90s on you immediately. Reducing the summer heat’s impact by keeping your hair tidy, bandannas free you from ordinariness when matched with a mom jean and a t-shirt. Wearing large earrings will contribute to your existing beauty.


It is possible to capture a royal family style by wearing mini hats on special occasions. Made from thick single color fabrics, these hats, which can be completed with feathers, flowers, or tulle, can be a fine selection of accessory for summer receptions.