“I transform perception of city and all structures we see graphically within nature and city into forms.”

Nihal Mete, who brings together the disciplines of painting and sculpting on a different plane, has been making different projects for 5 years at her workshop named the Nihal Mete Workshop in Yeldeğirmeni, Kadıköy. Nihal Mete, who aims to form materials such as wood, metal, paper, fabric, plaster, bronze, polyester or resin in a way to reflect life, differentiates her works by adding details from life.

Her Istanbul, Italy and London adventure
Nihal Mete, who has an educational past that is a combination of painting and sculpting, completed her degree in sculpting at Marmara University after graduating from the Painting Department of Kadıköy Vocational and Technical Highschool. Mete, who completed the fourth year of her university degree at the Department of Sculpting of Fine Arts Academy of Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna in Bologna, Italy as a guest student, completed her ‘Event Management’ masters degree at Greenwich University in London. Nihal Mete, who lived in London for long years, describes the process, which directed her life in foreign lands: “I went to London in 2004 to receive English language education. I had a registration freeze in my third educational year of university. While I was vacationing in Italy, I discovered the academy at Bologna. I applied and studied my final year there. I made more stone focused works there. During my sculpting education, I had the opportunities of working with different materials. I also worked with wood and metal, while studying at Marmara University. After my education in Italy was completed, I returned to London and lived there for 12 years. I had the opportunity of producing in a small workshop the municipality provided me in London. It was in a workshop complex called Redless Park that belonged to the Hounslow Municipality. Inside this complex there were many workshops. I participated in many group exhibitions in this area.”

Her works reflect both of her disciplines
Nihal Mete, who made the decision of returning from London in 2011, has been continuing her works since the last five years at her place called the Nihal Mete Workshop in Yeldeğirmeni. Mete, who set up a different world for herself in her workshop, works seven days of the week and is happy about it. We asked Mete about her work discipline: “I shape my projects within two disciplines which are painting and sculpting. I studied colors and shape during my university and highschool years. While drawing designs for sculptures, I utilize painting techniques. I work on forms and analyze forms. I give form to perception of cities and all structures we see graphically that exist in nature and in cities. I have forms of which you can call part graphic, and part typographic. I analyze these forms three dimensionally and project them on a canvas. I have works with stories, works where I put together their pieces like toys, works I modified or assembled. In fact, my work style is a bit like a game…”

She is preparing her personal exhibit
Nihal Mete, who says that she focuses on details that she can see different things in all of her works, tries to put her own style forth stylistically. She is preparing her personal exhibit that has works which mostly carry surreal traces; can be interpreted differently by everyone; and always look different to its viewer. The biggest dream of Mete is being able to continue producing new things.

She adds her own style to the materials
Mete, who works with materials that she modified from nature, changes the   essence of the material, takes its mold and shapes it the way she desires. Nihal Mete, who doesn’t want to limit her work materials with one, progresses by focusing on materials that she can change and apply her own style. Mete, who says that Yeldeğirmeni has been structured as a different type of artistic neighborhood and offers a different kind of comfort due to this structure that is away from the city life and inside life itself at the same time, organizes workshops at her workshop at certain dates. Nihal Mete’s workshops include the ones where adults can make 3D productions and experience working with different materials, as the demand rises.