Accessories are indispensable for women. However, keeping these accessories in the same box can create problems for them. For example, chains of necklaces can get entangled and this may do damage to the accessories. Well, then, how can we take care of our accessories?

Here are our suggestions:
Ear-rings: You can buy jewel hangers in the shape of a woman’s body. You can find them almost everywhere.
Rings: You can utilize a small box, which you do not use much, as a ring box.
Bracelets and necklaces: You can make use of cork boards or kitchen hangers. Thus, you can prevent chains from getting entangled.
Hats: First and foremost, your hat should be kept in a good hatbox. If it will be kept for a long time, it should be kept on the top shelf of a cabinet and care should be taken not to put anything heavy on it.
Headscarf: Wrinkled headscarves are a nuisance for women. You can make use of skirt hangers to reduce their getting wrinkled and prevent them from wearing away.

If you wish to see all of your accessories at the same time, you can buy cabinets designed especially for jewels.

Divide your accessories into groups to prevent them from wearing away. Keep your pearls and silver and gold jewels separately.