Tam O ‘An’ Eastern Express Photography Contest is Becoming International

Tam O ‘An’ Eastern Express Photography Contest is Becoming International

Türk Telekom Tam O ‘An’ 2nd National Eastern Express Photography Contest, the second of which is held this year, has been a great success and will enter its third year with an ‘international’ tribute. Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Mehmet Cahit Turhan gave the good news that the competition will be carried to the international arena.

Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Mehmet Cahit Turhan, Deputy Ministers Selim Dursun, Enver İskurt, Director General of TCDD Transportation Erol Arıkan, Director General of TCDD İsmail Çağlar, Deputy Director General of Türk Telekom Şükrü Kutlu, and Ministry staff attended to the award ceremony of Türk Telekom Tam O ‘An’ 2nd National Eastern Express Photo Contest. Minister Turhan, in his speech at the ceremony, said that, as every person has a story, every road, every photograph has their own stories.

Turhan stated that each person writes his/her own story, that every road witnesses the course of time and that every photograph records the moment, and that in today’s world, people are corrupt, the road is not a road without a traveler and the travel is not traveling without a photograph. Turhan, pointing out the good fortune of photography enthusiasts in Turkey, said, “You are very fortunate because you get to travel by train, in other words by the Eastern Express, in Anatolia, the world of nature, the land of paradise, redolent with history. Needless to state, in doing so revealed these photographs, the ‘segments of a dream world’ that we can say magnificently beautiful. God bless your hands, your labor, your eyes, and your hearts.”

Turhan, who reminded the proverb “If you have no spirit, your horse will not run,” said that trains have been running on rails for the last 163 years with the spirit of the nation’s ancient history, and carrying passengers, cargo, hope, and supplies to the military, as in the days of the War of Independence. Turhan, who expressed that the trains have the beauty of Anatolia meet the world, said, “As a nation, we have a very noble and strong spirit. As the whole world extends railways, we have built an average of 18 kilometers per year after 1950. During our governments, we have achieved to build an average of 135 kilometers per year. We have repaired the rails that have not been maintained since their first day, modernized all of our lines, built the YHTs that make all of us smile, and built Marmaray, finally, our people met with the railway again, remembered the train and gained comfortable, safe and convenient means of transportation.”


Turhan said that they desire to see the development of railroad photography in Turkey, just as in Europe and continued, “We intend to do whatever is necessary to realize this purpose. We see you as the voluntary advertising ambassadors of our railways and our country. Sometimes, a photo frame that carries the present to the future, immortalizing it, expresses what thousands of pages cannot tell. ‘Tam O An’ Photography Contest and Exhibition carries on this mission successfully.”


Turhan stated that they will carry the competition to the international level next year and they will expand the scope of the competition and they will include Lake Van and South Kurtalan Expresses in the organization. Turhan, who highlighted the contributions to the recognition of this route of the persons who will come to Turkey and enter the competition next year by taking photos on these lines, said, “Our country’s beauties are clear. We also give importance to reflect our history and our present while constructing our stations to add more beauty to these beauties. Ankara Terminal is the most beautiful example of this. History is on one side and architecture on the other. We also value to plant trees to the areas where our lines pass through, in addition to the terminals. Our country is as beautiful as to produce wonders of art by only pressing the shutter. I would like to congratulate all of our award-winning photographers. Of course, this competition will have a positive impact on the train journey and the popularity of our touristic train services.”

Following the speeches, the awards were presented to the winners. Minister Turhan presented Bedriye Budak, the winner of the first prize, a certificate of achievement with a prize of 10 thousand TL. İsmet Soner Yılmazer who won the second prize and Ahmet Harmancı who won the third prize were presented their awards.

Minister Turhan then opened the exhibition area and observed the photographs, including the photos of those who had ranks in the contest.