Technology Around Wrists: Smart Wristband

Technology Around Wrists: Smart Wristband

Like smart watches, smart wristband technology is improving day by day. Today it is possible to find smart wristbands for every budget at more affordable prices compared to smartwatches.

We have compiled the 9 best wristbands, which receives thumbs up from users, breaking sales records, by basing our selections to fit a wide budget range. Here are those state of the art wristbands:


Mi Band 4, which has recently been available for sale in our country and broken sales records all over the world, attracts attention with its color display. The 0.95-inch AMOLED display offers a resolution of 240×120 pixels. Application notifications, SMS and even WhatsApp messages can be displayed on this screen. At the same time, the music player of the phone can be controlled. Thanks to its features, Mi Band 4 is able to monitor the health status of its user continuously, and can also advise on issues such as bedtime to improve the quality of life.


iWown Fit i6HR is a smart wristband that works in sync with your phone. iWown Fit i6HR keeps track of your sporting activities and displays the notifications received by your phone on your OLED screen. With its IP67 certification, the iWown Fit i6HR is resistant to simple water contact but not suitable for underwater use. The product detaches from the strap and can be plugged into any USB port to be charged.


Fitbit Charge 3 has become a favorite of many people with its health features, slim design and basic fitness features. The screen of the Charge 3 is 40% larger than the previous version, which makes things easier. Fitbit Charge 3 incorporates the popular activity features of many known smart watches.


Samsung’s new player in the smart wristband area, Galaxy Fit’s price and features attract attention. With a 0.95-inch display and a resolution of 120×240 pixels, the Samsung Galaxy Fit claims a long battery life with its 120 mAh battery. The model also allows you to select and personalize the ten of more than ninety activities available on the Samsung Health app.


Having taken the classic smart wristband experience to the next level, Vivosmart 4 not only counts steps but gives you all the details you need from the weather to the amount of oxygen in your blood. The body battery energy monitor inside the device calculates your remaining energy after an activity and tells you why and when you feel weak. Vivosmart 4, which also measures your stress level, stands out with its water resistance and long battery life.


The Talkband B3 Lite smart wristband is also used as a Bluetooth headset. Talkband B3 Lite supports Bluetooth connectivity up to 10 meters and allows you to see and receive notifications when you are away from the phone, especially for listening to incoming voice messages in public transport and crowded environments and watching videos on social media. In addition to these features, the product also offers general smart wristband features.