If you like to try new flavors and combinations, then you should definitely try the delicious specials prepared by Executive Chef of Sandalyee Brasserie & Fine Cuisine’s Etiler, Ortaköy, and Bağdat Street branches Erkan Yeşil. Yeşil, who never complains about working around the clock, conducts his team of 55 and 3 kitchens as a successful orchestra chef.

His father has also chosen culinary arts  
We met with Erkan Yeşil, Executive Chef of Sandalyee Brasserie & Fine Cuisine within Kösem Group, at their place on Bağdat Street. Yeşil, who is 39, has been engaged in culinary arts for 26 years. Emphasizing his birthplace as Bolu Mengen, Erkan Yeşil had grown an interest in cooking when he was a child. It is also his father’s profession and a family tradition. Having worked at many prominent hotels and restaurants of Turkey, Erkan Yeşil had taken place among the instructor staff of Culinary Arts Academy (Mutfak Sanatları Academisi-MSA) between 2009 and 2015. He has been working as the executive chef of Sandalyee Braserie & Fine Cuisine for the last 5.5 months. Yeşil states that he has renewed the menus of the three restaurants, and prepared all the recipes from scratch.

His team consists of his students
Eighty percent of Yeşil’s team of 55 consists of his students whom were trained by him during the time that he worked as an instructor at MSA. That is why they have a harmonized style in the kitchen says Yeşil: “We enjoy working in the kitchen together since they know me and what I want and how. We have a different system in here. I want everyone to have knowledge about everything in the kitchen. For instance, if our pastry chef gets sick, we don’t run into any problems because our cooks are experienced in this field, too. Everyone has a back-up.”

He has an experimental kitchen  
Stating that succesful chefs must have knowledge in every field of culinary arts, Erkan Yeşil continues: “You should have a good command of different cuisines in order to become a good chef. You should know Italian cuisine as well as French cuisine. Only when you have knowledge in every field from sushi to pasta and from pastry to world cuisines you can manage your team in the best way possible.”

Demands of targeted mass is important
Expressing that they shaped the menus of the restaurants located at Ortaköy, Etiler, and Bağdat Street in accordance with the demands of their targeted clients, Erkan Yeşil says, “Mostly breakfast and lunch services are popular at our Ortaköy restaurant; snacks and fast food at our Bağdat Street restaurant and fine dining where we serve dishes such as veal cheeks and ribs at the Etiler restaurant. Since I am responsible from these three locations, I am always on the move between them. I usually am at the Bağdat Street restaurant and at Etiler in the evenings. Our kitchen in Etiler is experimental. Chicken wings that are vacuumed for 12 hours are cooked by taking advantage of a device, which keeps the water temperature at 65 degrees. We experiment dishes such as octopus or lamb roast by means of this device. I enjoy creating new flavors and specials whenever I find an opportunity. I prepare the recipes of such dishes for new menus. We will become prominent with our summer menu at the end of May.”

Are you ready for different flavors?
Expressing his and his team’s high motivation during work, Erkan Yeşil says, “The recipes of all specials in our menu are ready. Everyone knows what to do very well. The moment I enter the kitchen I notice if something is done wrongly, then I take immediate action. I am very particular in this. You should work with people who are passionate about their professions. Otherwise, you won’t have a private life. You work very busy. The most important advice that I give my team is to open themselves to experiencing new things.”

A special recipe for Raillife readers
Erkan Yeşil who combines different flavors entered the kitchen for Raillife readers. He prepared ‘Brazilian Shish’ served with spinach puree and potatoes, ‘Camembert Sour Cherry Pizza’ served with parmesan cheese, camembert cheese, sour cherries, and honey, ‘Linguini with Seafood’ that consists of shrimp, calamari, and salmon, ‘kabob with yogurt’ prepared with pieces of fillet of steak, meat patties, mini pitas, yogurt, and grilled tomatoes, and ‘Wheat Salad with Chicken.’ You should definitely try other specials of Erkan Yeşil such as Nutella Cheesecake, Pavlova with Forest Fruits, Veal Delight, Risotto with Grilled Eggplants, İskender Pizza, Crisp Ricotta, and Pears, Guacamoleburger, and Steak Argentina.

Ingredients for the dough: 150 grams of flour, 1 egg white,  50 grams of water, 10 grams of oil, 1 gram of yeast, 10 grams of milk, 2 grams of salt.
Ingredients for the top: 130 grams of mozzarella, 65 grams of camembert cheese, 10 sour cherries, 30 grams of parmesan cheese, 50 grams of honey.
Directions: Prepare the dough using all the ingredients. Let it rest for one and a half hour. Shape the dough as big as you wish. Top it with all of the mozzarella. Add half of the parmesan. Top with sliced camembert cheese. Add the rest of the parmesan cheese on top of the camembert cheese. Add the sour cherries on top. Place it in the oven. Pour just a little bit of honey on top after the pizza is removed from the oven. You can try making it with berries or other red fruits. Bon appétit.