The Architect of Unique Concepts

The Architect of Unique Concepts

Orhan Akpınar, the general coordinator and the executive chef of Roof Lounge & Bistro, serving within Le Delmare Life Club in Çekmeköy, İstanbul, and Roof 45’lik Restaurant located in Ataşehir, has developed a menu intertwined with good health.

‘Sportsman Menu’ and ‘Fit Menu’ options that take place in the menu of the Çekmeköy location are prepared by considering the calorie needs of the people who adopted sports as a lifestyle at the recommendations of dietitians. The grams of the meat and vegetable portions are planned. Akpınar is personally involved in developing the menu and ambiance of Roof 45’lik Restaurant, which will meet with its target mass in Ataşehir in November after going through a renewal of music and flavor concept.

Experienced in every field

Having been serving in the dining sector since 1985, Orhan Akpınar is an experienced name that has worked his way to the top from the bottom by working at various positions like a bell-boy, waitress, chef, and executive chef during his work life. Orhan Akpınar, who has worked at various restaurants like Club 29, Nişantaşı Bronz Restaurant, S Cafe in Akmerkez until today, had also performed as a branch manager at the Chocolate restaurant chain. Expressing the training in culinary arts he had received during this period, Akpınar said, “I always had a special interest in culinary arts. While I was working at Club 29, I was on good terms with the foreign chefs, French chefs in particular. The chef of the Çırağan Palace at that time, Hüseyin Ulaş was a very good friend of mine. I participated in the workshops and seminars organized by the foreign chefs at the Çırağan thanks to him. I got the opportunity to attend the presentations made by the Italian, French, and Mexican chefs. These workshops that had approximately continued for three years had increased my curiosity and interest in culinary arts even more. I became the kitchen chef of the Chocolate’s Şaşkınbakkal branch. I had worked at numerous branches for ten years. This process was followed by my carrying on the task of concept menu counseling for the restaurants that were new to the market. I have established my own consulting firm. I was looking after the training of the teams that would meet the qualified personnel needs, like cook, waitress, and bell-boy, of the brands and establishments that serve in the dining sector. I was offered to be on the permanent staff while I was counseling for Roof Lounge & Bistro within Le Delmare Life Club in Çekmeköy and Ataşehir. I accepted the offer.”

For those who don’t give up on diet menu options…

Highlighting the fact that Roof Lounge & Bistro in Çekmeköy appeals to both sports lovers and gourmets, Akpınar said, “We maintain an exceptional position in Çekmeköy. Our target mass consists of the members of Le Delmare Life Club and the upper class residents of Çekmeköy… Our Sportsman Menu and Fit Menu concepts are incredibly popular. Our tangible goal over here is to present a wholesome life to our target mass through healthy food. We prepare the menus in company with a dietitian. Therefore the calorie and weight data are being determined. Our guests have the opportunity to choose the most suitable one for them among the protein, carbohydrate, and vegetable options. This might be grilled chicken or salmon, steamed sea bass, or delightful grilled steak filet. Our fat burning detox soup which is free of fat and flour is also very popular. We supply the meat from a butcher called Öz Sarıgazi. They bring the meat from Kars and Erzincan.” The demand in our pizza and seafood options are great. Once weekly, we offer seafood specials. Another prominent trait of the place is the barbecue menu that can be customized for the parties of 10 to 20. Orhan Akpınar states that this option is popular when there are soccer games on TV. Expressing their ambition with the breakfast menu, Akpınar says, “All of our jams are home made. Our breakfast menu brings forward local and boutique flavors like fried dough, french toast, butcher’s sausage, Ezine feta cheese, Trabzon butter.”

Two branches, two different concepts

Emphasizing that they have renewed the ambiance and concept of the place in Ataşehir, going beyond the structure that was focusing on the fit and sportsman menu, Orhan Akpınar said, “The place has been restructured under the title Roof 45’lik Restaurant. We have designed a place where specials as paçanga pastry with eggplants, crunchy ravioli, and shrimp in a bed of eggplant come to the fore and the posters of singers like Müzeyyen Senar and Ayten Alpman cover the walls and their songs play. We are focusing on the Aegean and Antakya cuisines. We will be serving various Aegean herbs and appetizers unique to Antakya. I have been to Antakya and İskenderun for business purposes. Therefore, I am completely aware of the unique flavors of these regions. We have designed the menu concept from scratch. Both the Ataşehir location that was renovated and the Çekmeköy location have the capacity of 60.” Akpınar who has been leading a team of 25 consisting of both service and kitchen personnel in both locations runs back and forth between the Ataşehir and Çekmeköy restaurants. Roof 45’lik Restaurant in Ataşehir will begin serving with the new concept in November. Orhan Akpınar who entered the kitchen especially for Raillife made fat burning detox soup, delightful grilled steak, and grilled salmon for sports lovers, and oriental pizza and pita with herbs and  cheese among the most popular pizza and pita selections of Roof Lounge & Bistro for the pastry lovers.

Food Specialties

Fat burning detox soup

Delightful grilled steak

Oriental pizza

Pita with herbs and cheese

Grilled salmon

Grilled salmon recıpe by chef Orhan Akpınar

Ingredients: 220 grams filet of salmon, 180 grams baby potatoes, 2 grams sea salt, 6 grams oil, 50 grams lemon juice, 50 grams arugula and 50 grams sweet chili sauce.

Directions: Spread the filet of salmon with oil and salt. Grill for 12 minutes by turning sides. Boil the baby potatoes. Cut them into 4 pieces and fry them until golden brown in a non-stick pan. Sprinkle with red pepper flakes, thyme, and salt before taking to a service dish. Place some arugula salad dressed with olive oil and lemon juice to its side. Add the grilled salmon on to the plate. Serve with sweet chili sauce. Enjoy!