Bluetooth speakers are appropriate for carrying in a bag and for easily listening to music from your phone thanks to its quick and easily chargeable batteries, light and stylish structure. The manufacturers have been producing these devices for a few generations and have been able to focus on other features after mastering audio.

We chose the best ones among the models which support outside conditions.

The BoomJacket that was made to have nature lovers and sports enthusiasts embrace music can be fastened on to a bike, a boat or even a ski board. It has a battery life of up to 40 hours and its audio is powerful enough to easily be heard in noisy outside environments. However, we do not think that hearing less while being in between the waves or during a mountain climb will be much of an issue.

The Jabra is a suitable solution for those who want a Bluetooth speaker that is somewhere in between being super portable and being a sound monster. Its composition which is covered in sturdy metal grilles and has a handle that is covered in rubber which makes it easier to carry gives it a different ambience. The speaker which can connect to your device by voice commands also notifies you of its battery use by voice comment. If you wish, you may also use a wire connection.

JBL, which has been quite formidable for a while against all companies in this area, proves that they have become skilled at audio with their 4th generation Flip loudspeaker. Flip is a sturdy and water-proof speaker; however, you should still be careful not to drop it into a pool, because it will sink quickly to the bottom and surpass its capable limit of staying underwater. The device, which comes forth with its bass power, comes in 6 different colors and with the feature of connecting to other JBL speakers via JBL Connct+.

The Monster Blaster that weighs almost 8 kg is a monster as its name states. Then again it is suitable to move to your car or garden with its carrying handle and boombox style. This big and powerful looking loudspeaker does not mislead us about its audio and there is no deterioration when its volume is increased, as opposed to expectations.