Technological development is now touching every aspect of our lives. Smartphone manufacturers are also very active in the field of wearable technology. We have put together the best smart watch models for you.

Technology giants on one side and watch brands on the other are sweating in order to get more share of the smart watch market. Already leaving behind a few generations, these devices have been developed very much, both in terms of hardware and software. As we used to see heart rate monitoring offered by only a few products in the past, just about every smart phone is able to do this now. Products that are partially rescued from the phone connection are as stylish as they are useful for measuring sleep, following exercise and successfully passing these data to statistics on the mobile application…

Apple Watch 3
The company’s third-generation intelligent watch has not undergone a serious change of appearance compared to its predecessor. The device can be customized by changing the display and its covers and its model with LTE connection can work independently from the phone, even though it is not yet in our country. The system, which invites you to breathe and exercise, can catch unrecognized heart attacks by warning you when your pulse is at a dangerous point and you are motionless. Also, remember that the watch is water resistant.

Samsung Gear S3
Apple’s biggest competitor in the world of phones comes into the picture in terms of smart watches with its most advanced model to date. The S3, which keeps the Super AMOLED display of the previous version, is water-resistant and can comfortably complete two days on one charge. But it’s a bit big, and although it’s iOS compatible, it’s bad enough to force the users into its own software.

Asus ZenWatch 3
Although Asus is not the first company that comes to mind considering Android smart watches, ZenWatch 3 is a device that deserves its position among them. The display, key quality, and battery life collect appreciation; however, the watch does not have some useful features such as heart rate monitor, GPS, and NFC. In contrast, its design, water resistance with IP67 certification, and up to 2 days battery life might be reasons for preference.