Photographing earth’s largest seven cats such as lion, leopard, cheetah, tiger, snow leopard, puma and jaguar, Suha Derbent organizes, under the brand of Sedventure, private tours into which he took his first step under the name of Setur. The excursion organized by Derbent’s consultancy stretches from Africa to Antarctica and from Thailand to Mexico. Boutique trips are organized to a variety of countries such as Kenya, Myanmar, and Amalfi coast, Cuba, Bhutan, Tanzania, Galapagos, Namibia and Nepal. Especially, businessmen are interested in these tours. Among the reputable businessmen who Süha Derbent has so far accompanied during the tour are Mustafa KOÇ (the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Koç Holding), Muzaffer Akpınar (the former CEO of Turkcell and now the Chairman of the Board of Dost Energy), Ersin Pamuksüzer (the founder of The Lifeco), Deha Orhan (the CEO of Ten Çamaşırları) and Murat Çuhadaroğlu (the member Çuhadaroğlu Board of Directors).

The road going to myself… 
Suha Derbent tells her short life story with only 3 words: The road to myself… Saying that he first started to photograph wildlife after taking training on animal behavior in the Republic of South Africa, Süha Derbent talks about himself “after completing the training, I have travelled to many countries where wildlife exists, in particular to African countries. In 2001, my book ‘face to face’ was published. During this period of time, those who were keen to photograph wildlife wanted to perform some of their own projects by getting in contact with me. As a result of this, I started to consult on the subject of wildlife, photography and animal behavior.”

The name giver
Sedventure is the first company to give services professionally and institutionally in the field of wildlife and photography. The one who gave the name of this brand name is Mustafa Koç, the Chairman of Koç Holding of which Süha Derbent works for as an advisor. The company is engaged in all activities associated with photography including photographing cities, cultures, lifestyles and remote wild life areas.
It offers services heavily on wildlife. Hobby tourism is among the activities. But, wildlife and photography take first place among the activities. Suha Derbent makes the following statements about the tours which they organize and their future targets: “We have a few types of organization. Group tours on holidays, private journeys, institutional travel for companies and trips related to animal behavior and photography with my attendance under my consultancy. Wildlife and Africa travels here come to fore. Those traveling under my consultancy receive some services such as finding an animal and observing animal’s behavior. We guarantee photographing of special moments at close range, but not finding and showing the animal. In the future, with the service of Sedventure in institutional trips, we would like to contribute to employees, dealers, business partners by making them take advantage of going through this experience and reflecting it to their work by getting them to feel perfect balance of wildlife.”

Photo-safari makes a positive contribution to business life
According to observations which Suha Derbent has made so far with respect to the businessmen on journeys that he organized, they are the ones who have hobbies and give required importance. Derbent thinks that the times they devote to hobbies enrich them and make them have the ability of privilege to realize the positive contribution to their business life. Derbent, related to this topic says, “Especially, wildlife photography requires ability of managing and decision making and businessmen already have these features.” Derbent makes the following comments on businessmen’s behavior during ‘photo-safari’: “Wildlife photography is a hard work to teach a person how to face with his limits of his or her patience in all climate and weather conditions and   the photographer takes his or her award to the extent which a person puts up with. Another must for a successful photo in wilderness is to have perfect equipment. Of course, I’m not only talking about the technical equipment. This equipment starts with the feature of loving nature and animals, being at peace with them, giving them priority property and continues respecting them. If the photographer does not have this equipment, he or she is doomed to possess dysfunctional equipment. The businessmen who have travelled with me strongly have these features.” 

Target: Emperor Penguins
Convenient time for the photo chances depending on animal at which is aimed and the   region. Animals which people are eager to see most are wild cats. Lion, leopard, cheetah, tiger, puma, jaguar and snow leopard, as well as the polar bear, mountain gorillas, penguins and fish eagles also are among the animals which draw most attention. Suha Derbent says that he is planning to carry out a special study on emperor penguins in Antarctica in the near future.

How are the businessmen approaching to ‘photo-safari’?
– The businessmen have great goals in this field. For example, they are keen to photograph leopard on a tree or the moment bringing its prey down on the ground and fish eagle bringing its prey out of water…
– They would like to get information about behavior of the animal. They want to know what time the animal wakes up, sleeps, yawns, comes down from the tree and from which branch of tree if it should have come down, in which light the animal looks better, from what distance they need to be photographed and which angles are much better in terms of the type of the lenses they put on their camera.
– As their time is very limited, they want to make point shot. They can manage very well how to be patient and ambitious. Their common characteristics is determination. Even in Safari, they take their cell phones with them. But they keep them in a mode of silence in order not to scare animals.