We have entered an era where all sectors at a middle term will go through an important transformation. For this reason, the number one rule of creating a difference within the majority of the service providing sectors is producing multiple solutions for the different needs of consumers. With a number of viewpoints, we have analyzed a number of innovations that will start completely new transformations from space tourism to textile and from retail to the tourism sector.

All designs are under the control of technology
According to research done throughout the world and the predictions of futurists, it is speculated that the most interesting developments will be experienced in the space tourism sector in 2030 and after. New retail stores that appeal to space tourism will be opened and stores that focus on designs that can be worn in space will come into play. Even now, numerous brands have started working on this subject… For example, Yohji Yamamato has been working on designs oriented towards this subject with Adidas and Virgin Galactic since January 2016. Light, weightless hi-tech materials will be used.

Accessories and beauty products for space will also be developed. Ready wear and textile sectors are also working on different concepts. For example, Levi’s designed a coat with receiver-sender wires for the 2017 summer season. Now when you connect your phone to your coat it will be able to tell whom you want to call by sensing your movements. This touch-sensor coat is called a ‘jacquard enabled jacket’. People now want to use things they touch with enthusiasm. Let’s say you have a scarf you really like. And at the same time listening to music is one of your greatest pleasures. Thanks to a chip installed into this scarf, an era where you can listen to music or talk on the phone without extra headphones will begin.

The focus of the retail sector will be experience 
Well then, what kind of different developments will be experienced in the middle term retail sector? People nowadays want to live a different shopping experience rather than doing store focused shopping. The partner of The Dandy Lab store in London, Peter Jeun Ho Tsang has put his signature under an important project regarding this subject. You can play with the products in The Dandy Lab store as if you are in a laboratory environment. Therefore, The Dandy Lab is one of the first examples of experimental merchandising. The people who shop here fill out a special form. If you stated what your favorite color is, the next time you visit, products of your favorite color will be offered for you to view without your request.

From now on, stores will stop being places where people enter and ask products, but become places where the products will contribute different experiences to the consumers. This won’t only be valid for clothes shopping. There will not be accessories like cups and plates around you when you enter any glassware store. They may welcome you like a restaurant. You will decide whether to buy the plates, cups and forks or not after experiencing them at a decorated dinner table that you choose.

From home technologies to customized trips
There will be important developments at home technologies. A structure that will allow you to control all of the technological equipment in your home from your car will be developed. Kitchen utensils that will tell you how much water you need to drink today will enter your life. All of the tools in your home will recognize you. Smart homes that will make life easier in every field of life will enter the agenda. Every service you receive will be programmed accordingly to your habits.

Brands like Google and Amazon are currently working on assistants that can talk. Products will be getting smart. For example, when the filter of your water purifier starts to become old it will automatically order a new one. We will be able to program refrigerators to ‘order potatoes or meat when they are finished’.

This change that shows itself in different areas will also affect the travel sector. The rising trend however will be ‘travelling alone’. Those who prefer family vacations aim at having a different experience at the country they visit rather than touring it. For example, an era where different desires such as a snow ski ride in Aspen or gaining extreme experiences will step in.