Cafe Wien’s executive chef Ahmet Yurt, who brings together different flavors such as veal schnitzel, Hungarian goulash, bratwurst, apfelstrudel, which is identified with the Austrian cuisine in Istanbul Nişantaşı, is quite ambitious with his specialties. Yurt emphasizes that these specialties not only come to prominence with their delicacies but also with their qualities. Ahmet Yurt, who has a very rigorous working style, cares about working in an orderly manner and not disturbing this order.

A Viennese in Nişantaşı
Cafe Wien that serves in Milli Reasürans Bazaar in Nişantaşı, İstanbul, is one of the most important representatives of Viennese flavors and Viennese cafe culture. The coffee and dessert recipes prepared by Viennese coffee and dessert masters have been prepared with the same taste and quality for 27 years at Cafe Wien, which carries historic texture and unique tastes associated with Vienna, the city which placed its mark on Europe’s art and history. Specially selected materials are used in all of the unique tastes that are prepared with utmost quality. Desserts such as ‘Sacher torte’ and ‘apfel strudel’ are served with special coffees such as ‘wiener melange’, ‘Mozart’, or ‘ein spanner’. Cafe Wien takes you to the heart of Europe not only with its Viennese tastes, but also with replicas of the famous works of Viennese painter Klimt, and paintings describing renowned Viennese waltzes on the walls, and with the exclusive compositions by Johann Strauss known as the ‘King of Waltz’. Cafe Wien’s executive chef Ahmet Yurt has been having his special Viennese flavors meet with his target mass for the last 3 years. Yurt has reached a major mass of frequenters with the specialties of the Austrian cuisine such as schnitzel, bratwurst, and Hungarian goulash.

Does not compromise on taste and quality
Ahmet Yurt, who is now 26 years old, says that he has been in this business for 6 years. Particularly interested in the European and world cuisine, Yurt said, “We had a history of 3 years in the catering sector earlier. I read various articles and books to develop my specialty in the European and world cuisine. I also participate in practice areas as an audience. Cafe Wien reflects the Austrian cuisine perfectly. We offer the unique dishes of the country in our menu. We have specialties such as Wiener schnitzel, bratwurst, and Ungarrischer gulasch. At Cafe Wien, we have an extremely pleasant working environment. First of all, Cafe Wien is a well-established brand. The managers and company owners are very understanding because they come from the profession.” Expressing Cafe Wien’s most popular specialty being ‘Wiener schnitzel mit kartoffel salat’ (Viennese style veal schnitzel with potato salad), Yurt said, “We are extremely assertive with this specialty. We are supplied with the highest quality product, regardless of price. This precision in purchasing raises the quality of the taste. At Cafe Wien, we are extremely loyal to our menu. We have been offering almost the same menu for about 27 years. Our focus is on the Austrian dishes…”

Has a rigorous working style
At Cafe Wien, Ahmet Yurt, who works with a staff of 8, starts at 10 am every morning. Yurt has two hours until 12pm to be prepared for lunch service. He explains his working principles: “I coordinate processes such as preparation of potato salad and other salads by the service time. Our lunch service is completed between 12pm and 3pm. Between 3pm and 6pm, I am preparing for dinner service with the same diligence and care. Our evening service is busy between 7pm and 9pm. After 9pm, we have an hour to close our kitchen. During this time, I clean up and prepare for the next day and close the kitchen at 10pm. There is a real meticulousness in our kitchen. Our business owner is extremely sensitive in this regard and does not accept mistakes. All products are stocked in enclosed containers due to hygiene regulations. I stock the products I use in an order. I get upset when the order is broken. I am very happy to be working at Cafe Wien. Having been serving in a location like Nişantaşı for 27 years clearly reflects what kind of vision the brand has.”

Veal Schnitzel Recipe by Cafe Wien’s Executive Chef Ahmet Yurt (for 1)
Ingredients: 130-150 grams of veal ribs loin, 100 grams of bread crumbs, 100 grams of flour, 2 eggs, 300 ml of milk and oil for frying.
Directions: Coat the meat that has been tendered beforehand with flour. Beat egg and milk thoroughly in a separate bowl. Place the meat in this mixture. Then coat the meat with the breadcrumbs. Deep fry the veal schnitzel for 13-14 seconds and serve.